Kelle & Juha – Mystery / Snowflakes [E-Motion]

After something of a hiatus E-Motion have returned in 2016 and their latest single from Kelle & Juha sees the label rejuvenated and back to full strength once again, bringing their brand of deeper 170BPM to the table with relish.

Both Mystery and Snowflakes keep the drums sharp and the melodic elements warm, floaty and intriguing; two more tunes to lose yourself in and essential listening for fans of the liquid sound. Check out the clips below and grab the release from your favourite digital store right now.

Zere – Outsource / Interval [E-Motion]

US producer Zere steps up for the latest single from E-Motion. Outsource explores rolling liquid territory to nice effect, but for me the true star here is on the flip. Interval combines simple yet weighty sub with a tough edged break to give a brooding, dark roller embellished with some nice samples echoed over the mix. with support from the likes of Cern and Doc Scott this man should be one to watch over the coming years! Check out the clips below and watch out for the release dropping from Feb 24th.

Virtue – Moment / Finest Days (Livewire Remix) [E-Motion]

Virtue returns to E-Motion with an irresistible liquid funk groove in the form of Moment. Warm sub, crisp breaks, a catchy piano hook and the soft, soulful vocals of Bonnie Rabson combine to forge a tune that deep liquid heads will surely be reaching for time and again.

Over on the flip Livewire gives the remix touch to previous Virtue outing Finest Days, retaining the melody but amping up the beats ever so slightly to give the tune a little more edge on the dancefloor. Check out the beats below and watch out for the release from Monday 18th November.

Habitat – Can They Hear Me / Holdin’ It Down [E-Motion]

E-Motion have been going from strength to strength lately and their latest release from Habitat showcases the labels versatility with a pair of modern Jungle-tinged rollers. Can They Hear Me weighs in with heavy sub weight and dark vibes while Holdin’ It Down adds a hint of jazz to the mix with a more dancefloor oriented happy smasher.

With support from the likes of Ray Keith and Aries, jungle heads should definitely keep an eye on Habitat. Check out the beats below and grab the release from your favourite digital outlet now!

Lisp – Dimension / Kimura [E-Motion]

E-Motion deliver another hidden gem, this time from Israeli producer Lisp. Dimension wastes no time, smashing down the door with a catchy vocal hook and a monstrous bassline. For me though it’s all about Kimura on the flip, delivering a darker slice of futuristic tech-funk combining a positively ADHD style composition with lush melodic elements and warm, distorted bass swells. Hyper-kinetic business, so much movement in this tune!

Check out both cuts below and look out for both tunes dropping on the 27th.

Virtue – Forget You / Finest Days [E-Motion]

E-Motion bring us their 19th release from upcoming producer Virtue; admittedly not a name I’m any too familiar with. The man knows his stuff though, as evidenced by the crisp, incandescent reese action and catchy hooks of Forget You, which lulls you into a false sense of security with a piano riff before slapping some serious bass down.

Over on the flip Finest Days heads for more liquid territory; the vocal mix felt a bit cheesy for my taste but the instrumental version will definitely be going into my record bag as a solid slice of rolling liquid funk. Check out the beats below and watch out for the release dropping June 24th.

Ravager & Livewire – Runaway / Fear The Future [E-Motion]

Up and coming deep/liquid label E-Motion have been going from strength to strength over the past year and their latest release from Ravager & Livewire cements their reputation as a great source of tunes from new producers on the scene.

Ravager’s Runaway opens up the release with an infectious, hypnotic melody and punchy drums, with a warm, insistent bassline. Next up Livewire remixes the tune to great effect, amping things up ever so slightly into a more dancefloor led number which retains the musicality of the original nicely. Finally Livewire finishes off the EP with a slightly techier number, bringing the dark bass and synth stabs to the fore to produce a tasty little roller.

Check out the clips below and look out for the release from March 11th!