Classic Track: Mouly & Lucida – Chilled

While I had some difficulty choosing which Mouly and Lucida tune to select for this week’s classic track, I ultimately let the vibes guide me. The smooth glide through the cool cosmos that is Chilled ended up being my choice, but don’t let that in any way discourage you from giving the amazing Inertia a listen as well; both are equally quintessential examples of the Intelligent Drum & Bass sound that has aged like a fine wine.

Who could deny this 1995 charmer from the top-quality Timeless Recordings label? Serene synth chords underlaid with a soft, gritty texture invite the listener, followed by alluring vocal fills and snappy drums. Strings that sing as well as percussive pops melt into this blissful blast from the past. The song’s second half carries a catchy Rhodes improv that speaks to Mouly and Lucida’s skill in capturing unique sonic portraits. The overall mix here is brilliant – Chilled is an ethereal piece that sounds as if it were wrapped in silk.

Written by Luke Kessler

Classic Track: Jazz Juice – Jazz Juice

Jazz Juice (previously known as Unit 1) was the ephemeral two-piece collaboration between Alex Reece and Wax Doctor, featured on the equally ephemeral Precious Material label formed by the steadfast Phil Wells, better known as Basement Phil (side note – an excellent account of the Precious Material label can be found over on God Is No Longer a DJ).

Jazz Juice’s self-titled song on their 1995 self-titled EP is a beauty of a tune beloved by those who are enchanted by its soothing vibes. This ramble through a languidly lush soundscape is speckled with the unmistakable Do This My Way break from Kid ’N Play that cleverly captures a cadence marked by 90s techno influence. Alex Reece and Wax Doctor employ an impeccable palette of colourful sounds, each one tastefully complementary to the last. Perhaps my favourite aspect of this tune is its clever phrasing, highlighted by alternations between just beats to beats with melodic backing. No doubt a unique track, give Jazz Juice a listen below to discover (or remember) what makes it so special.

Written by Luke Kessler

Premiere: Alexvnder – Holding You

Today’s premiere comes from what may well be the last Alexvnder release, as the producer prepares to retire the moniker and move on to other projects. He’s prepared a more than appropriate swansong though, with a full length LP of liquid delights for Glitch Audio, and we’re extremely pleased to have the exclusive on LP opener Holding You! Channelling the influence of acts like Seba and Blu Mar Ten into a beautiful roller led by piano and jungle-tinged breaks, this one is sultry, sublime and smooth as butter. Look for the release coming August 30th at all the usual stores…

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Premiere: Sl8r – Coordinates

Ronin Ordinance reach twenty releases next month with a new single from Sl8r, and we’re hyped to present the premiere of flipside Coordinates! Combining a soulful vocal with rugged beats and dark, brooding sub, this one blends the rough with the smooth for a fantastic dark groove…look out for the single at digital stores from June 7th!

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Premiere: Phonograph – Heatwave

Phonograph brings a wicked roller to Hyperactivity Music for today’s exclusive. Taken from their second Polychrome compilation LP, Heatwave blends the rough with the smooth, floaty melodic elements sitting above modulated techstep bass and weighty breaks. Sick tune! Look for this coming Feb 15th at all the usual outlets…

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In The Mix…DJ Gauge

Sutton based DJ Gauge comes correct with a mix that’s 100% Calibre! As you’d expect it’s smooth vibes all the way and packed full of soulful, rolling liquid. Not much more to say so check out the mix below and grab it as a free download from his Soundcloud page.

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Liz-E – The Last Time / Something Inside [SGN:Ltd]

Shogun sister label SGN:Ltd are back with another deft signing in the form of up and coming liquid producer Liz-E. Her debut for SGN is smooth, rolling, uplifting liquid funk which brings to mind recent releases from the likes of Technimatic. Look out for these dropping very soon!