Premiere: Loomis – Dual Realities

Loomis returns to Ink’s Architecture Recordings imprint with a beautiful new cut entitled Dual Realities. There’s certainly a duality at the heart of the track; shimmering synth leads reminiscent of Blade Runner sit alongside hard edged break chops and glitches, marrying dark with light to epic effect. Look for this coming Sept 24th!

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Q&A: Renegade Snares

A new book hits the shelves this month aiming to be the definitive tome on all things drum & bass. Written by DJ Magazine editor-in-chief Carl Loben and former editor-in-chief Ben Murphy, Renegade Snares charts the history of D&B from it’s earliest origins right through to the present day via interviews with a dizzying array of scene players. To find out a bit more, we caught up with Carl and Ben to chat D&B memories, favourite interviews and what it takes to distil decades of history into a manageable read!

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Premiere: Fortitude – Creepin

Fortitude lands on Incurzion Audio this month with new material, easing off on the raw aggression of much of his previous work in favour of dark, rolling grooves and moody atmospheres. The aptly titled Creepin is crisp and precise, building tension on halftime sections and releasing it on full-tempo rhythms that aim for hypnosis. Look for this coming September 10th at digital stores!

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Classic Track: Phrenetic – Candy Man

In honor of the modern sequel to the classic slasher Candy Man, I thought it fitting to highlight my favourite Darkcore tune bearing both the same name and a selection of samples from the original ’92 film. Candy Man (released on White House Records in 1994) was produced by the musical duo Phrenetic, comprised of C0ntax and Offkey. I recall finding this tune about 5 years ago and being completely blown away. I’m in awe at how timeless it still sounds.

This track is magnificently minimalistic and eerily dark, with tense breathing and rough whooshes behind an amen break at a blistering—especially for its time—180 BPM. Epic chords ring out from an uncanny choir, evoking one of the more unique atmospheres to be found in the Drum & Bass universe. Candy Man is a killer classic that’s dangerously fun.

Written by Luke Kessler

Premiere: Danky – Shock Jones

Danky lands on US experimental imprint Free Love Digi with a new EP this week and we’ve got the exclusive on Shock Jones. Angular beats, growling bass and grime-tinged synths make for a potent combo, full of brooding energy. Look for the EP coming at digital stores from Sep 3rd!

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Premiere: Hex – Absence (Fonder)

Today’s exclusive comes from Dojo boss Hex, bringing us some deep liquid vibes from his debut solo EP for Detached Audio! Inspired by a period of separation from his wife, Absence (Fonder) takes the listener on an emotional journey via echoing guitar harmonics and a deep, shifting sub bass line. Look out for this one coming Sep 3rd at digital stores!

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DNB Dojo Podcast #58 – Aug 2021

Another month rolls by which means it’s time for another Dojo podcast! Loads of great new music inside this month including cuts from Colossus, Duskee & Disrupta, Om Unit, BTK, Vektah, Kelle and many more, plus unreleased music from Shodan and Hex’s latest release with K2T, Photographs.

As always you can check out the mix via Soundcloud below or head to Youtube or iTunes to stream. You can also grab a download from Google Drive.

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Premiere: Tellus – Wall Of Sleep (Akuratyde Remix)

Akuratyde lands in our premiere spotlight today with a fresh remix for Tellus, coming soon to Locked Concept! The LA-based producer’s usual gifts for atmospheric tones and emotional melodies shine through here over a backbone of rolling beats and warm bass…one foot on the dancefloor, with the other firmly planted in the living room. Look for this alongside a host of other remixes from September 4th at digital stores!

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Premiere: Chug – Dulcet Tones

Delicate vibes with a hint of summer samba on today’s premiere from Chug who delivers the appropriately titled Dulcet Tones for Inform Records. Crispy drums and an earworming guitar hook; tasteful business! Look for this coming Aug 20th at Juno and Spotify with all other stores following Aug 27th.

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Premiere: K2T & Echo Motion – Arctotis (Hazqa Remix)

Paris-based liquid producer Hazqa joins the Detached Audio family for today’s premiere, turning in a beautiful remix of K2T & Echo Motion’s sublime 2019 jam Arctotis. One to lose yourself in – look out for this coming Aug 20th at digital stores!

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