Premiere: Nuage x Bop – Past Jungle

Shimmering synths and crispy breaks with a hint of nostalgia on today’s premiere as Nuage and Bop team up for the effortless Past Jungle. Taken from Nuage’s forthcoming Double Mind live album for Translation Recordings, this track showcases the depth and emotion that has always made both producers’ work so special. Look out for Double Mind on digital and cassette from Friday!

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Premiere: Naibu – Fighting For Attention (Microfunk Crew Remix)

Mav’s Scientific Records imprint returns with the third volume of their excellent Chilling On The Couch LP series and we’re extremely pleased to have the exclusive premiere of the album opener! Bop and Oak serve up a delicious remix of Naibu’s Fighting For Attention under their Microfunk Crew alias, crafting a serene rework in their inimitable style. Absolutely beautiful! Look for the album coming September 7th featuring tracks from Mav, Bungle, mSdoS and many more…

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Bop – Untitled Patterns EP1 [Med School]

When it comes to true scene originators, Bop stands among a privileged few. As the chief architect of the ‘microfunk’ sound, he’s constantly found new and exciting ways to explore his unique corner of the 170BPM sound. His latest EP for Med School continues that proud tradition, melting down all manner of unusual influences, stirring in a healthy dose of signature sound and serving it up for the world to hear.

The EP opener (Untitled Pattern 52, not that the track names mean much) is as close to a traditional D&B roller as you’re going to get here; Bop’s inimitable percussive style is still present, but set to a 2-step pattern that serves as the backbone for rich synth progressions. Pattern 51 meanwhile combines classic jungle breaks with glitchy drum hits for a bouncy, exuberant clash of the retro and the modern.

Pattern 54 amps up the energy, drawing inspiration from the likes of Rockwell with a garage-infused four to the floor drum line pelting on at full D&B tilt. Maximum rave! Last but by no means least, Pattern 55 dials it back with dubby echoes and a lilting, swung beat for an appropriately serene outro.

Another cracking EP from a producer with an apparently limitless creative streak. Check out the clips below and grab it from your favourite store now.

Bop – Not Your Cup Of Tea [Med School]

Saint Petersburg producer Bop has always trodden his own path; his style of minimal, glitched up drum & bass has spawned it’s own sub-genre title which he’s gleefully adopted for his collaboration with Oak and his new label. With 10 years of productions under his belt, microfunk is here to stay, and enjoying rude success via his platform at the ever impressive Med School.

Hospital’s experimental sister imprint plays host to Bop’s latest creations in the form of the coyly named Not Your Cup Of Tea EP, and said creations sound as fresh and varied as ever. From the angular drive of An Order to the airy melodies yet toothy bass of So Unloved, through the space-funk and techno influences of Untitled Pattern 47, and finishing up with the gleeful bassline riddims and rolling beat structure of Space To Breath, the EP is sheer class from start to finish.

Anile steps up on remix duties for the digital bonus with a more traditional D&B take on An Order, but honestly it struggles to shine a candle to the original’s innovation and flair. Bop remains a man with a plan and a very unique style, and it remains very much our cup of tea here at Dojo HQ. Check out the clips below and hit up the Hospital Store to grab the EP on digital now; vinyl pre-orders are available via the Microfunk Music bandcamp and are expected to ship at the end of April.

Chilling On The Couch 2 [Scientific Records]

Mav’s Scientific Records imprint returns with a sublime new album of chilled out electronica from the fringes of D&B. The album lives up to it’s title, providing some effortless musical and entirely un-banging cuts like Bop’s sublime microfunk remix of Mav’s Skylines. Other highlights comes on the jazzy licks of LM1’s remix of Time & Space, and the smooth downtempo of Naibu’s Bird’s Eye View. This one will be best listened to on your most comfortable chair with a warm cuppa; relax and lose yourself in the grooves. Check out the clips below and grab this one from Juno right now.