Premiere: Drifta – Antimatter (Concord Dawn Remix)

We’re proud to present another exclusive premiere and this time we’ve got the first listen on Concord Dawn‘s sick new remix of Drifta, AudioSketch and Chaksa’s brand new track Antimatter!

Taken from the forthcoming LP Playing With Fire, look for this one dropping soon on Soul Trader Records alongside some sick remixes and collabs!

Concord Dawn – The Fuzz EP [Uprising]

Concord Dawn brings us a hefty selection of dancefloor weapons on his latest EP, appropriately titled The Fuzz. The title track lives up to it’s name with a massive distorted bassline driving the tune along at full pelt over a backbone of rolling breaks. Scratchy follows a similar pattern, with a tearing bass and beats combo fit to destroy any dancefloor.

Falling Down heads for slightly deeper territory, relaxing the bass vibrations to give Tali’s vocal line space to breath. Trenchcoat dials it back up again, bringing us another bassline led stomper with a fuzzy low end riff reminiscent of early Upbeats material and every bit as gnarly. Head over to Beatport to pick this one up now!

As an added bonus, the man himself has cooked up a little minimix to promote the release. Check that out below!

Concord Dawn – Numbers Will Kill Us All [Free Download]

Kiwi D&B legend Concord Dawn returns with another free release (following on from last year’s excellent Air Chrysalis), dishing up 7 tracks for absolutely no cost. The appropriately titled Havok opens the release nicely with some big, fat, stomping dancefloor D&B with a synth line that brings to mind Gridlok’s The Media Is A Joke, and a bassline that I challenge anyone not to rock out to.

Ever keeping us on our toes, The Imposter sees the main man drop the tempo and deliver a slice of jazzy house with an infectious groove. Not for long though, as the rest of the LP takes things back up to 170 with a tour of different styles, with subby acid-tinged rollers (Codename Javelin), tribal steppers (Hemlock) and weird IDM-esque shenanigans (Warehouse) all getting a lookin between the reliable neurofunk stompers (of which Amnesia is probably my favourite).

As usual there’s no arguing with Concord Dawn and there’s no arguing with free, so check out the tracks below and grab yourself a copy post haste!

Classic Track: Concord Dawn – Morning Light


The recent release of Nu:Logic’s Morning Light instantly reminded me of the classic 2002 track of the same name from Kiwi production outfit Concord Dawn. The track brings together the (now trademark) Concord Dawn bleepy synth leads, an absolutely tearing reese bassline and the instantly memorable vocal snippet which gives the tune it’s title, and the effect is simply stunning. Simple and effective, like so many tracks from this era of D&B, this one still finds it’s way into sets today, and it always goes off.


Concord Dawn – Air Chrysalis

Concord Dawn have been a firm feature of the Drum & Bass scene since the late 90s, representing New Zealand alongside the likes of The Upbeats. Not content with releasing their 6th full length record, they decided to give it away for free – all you have to do is give their Facebook page a like and you’ll get the whole album in high quality MP3 format!

The album is full of up front dancefloor oriented tunes, and features some heavy bass and uplifting melodies. Our favourites here at DNB Dojo are ElectrocuteHeartburn and Tear Down The Sky (featuring the mighty Jade). What do you think? Check out the whole album below and let us know your favourite track!