April Roundup

Once again the sands of time have slipped past and we have another slew of top notch D&B to cover! Read on for all the latest from John B, J:Kenzo, Eighth Moon, Paradox and more…

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Eighth Moon – Western Horizon

LA liquid producer Eighth Moon is back with another pair of smooth, floaty rollers and once again it’s a blissful summery vibe to enjoy the last of the sunshine with.

Western Horizon hums along with effortless melody and a sense of unabashed glee, but still somehow avoids coming off as overly cheesy, no mean feat in the world of melodic D&B where many producers end up with a distinctly cheddarstep sound.

Celestial Flight follows suit, keeping the beats rolling and the tone warm and fuzzy, with a playful bassline unpinning soaring synth melodies and a childlike exuberance sometimes lacking from more po-faced dance music. The release is avilable now at Eighth Moon’s bandcamp, so check out the clips below and go grab it!

Eighth Moon – Photosynthesis

LA producer Eighth Moon comes correct with two upbeat slices of melodic liquid business. A-side Photosynthesis blends soaring, IDM-esque synth melodies with a driving liquid break and warm bass. Over on the flip, Archipelago heads for softer, jazzier territory, dialling back the energy a little to explore playful melodies via synth and piano.

With a melodic flourish that’s reminiscent of brain-dance producers of the Warp / Rephlex arena (Wisp springs to mind) the tracks both have a charm and innocence which is lacking from much of modern drum & bass. Have a listen to the clips below and hit up Eighth Moon’s bandcamp to grab the tracks right now.