April Roundup

Once again the sands of time have slipped past and we have another slew of top notch D&B to cover! Read on for all the latest from John B, J:Kenzo, Eighth Moon, Paradox and more…

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Depth of Vision Vol. 2 [AutomAte]

Automate return with the second of their Depth of Vision EP series featuring another four fresh cuts from up and coming producers. D.R.O.P.S. kick things off with the tight, dark and rolling beats of Utopia, while None Decay heads for more tribal territory with the insistent half-time kicks and morphing bass of the appropriately named Gully.

Into the latter half of the EP we’re treated to some crisp drum syncopations on Beaton’s Something From The Jungle, with spooky pads and vocal echoes moving in and out of the mix. The leftfield beat arrangements and some great use of stereo width really make this one! Lastly Ruffie delivers an industrial tinged stomper in the form of Strife, mixing hard kicks and treated snares with haunting, reverb drenched pads.

Check out the clips below and watch out for the EP dropping at all good digital outlets from April 7th.

Depth of Vision EP Vol. 1 [Automate]

Automate return with another quality release, this time bringing together four tracks from a selection of up and coming producers. Opening the EP, D.R.O.P.S. deliver a moody techstep roller with a hint of the Critical sound to it, characterised by a crisp break and a restrained yet edgy bassline. Vince Grain steps in next with a stepper that’s all in the percussion, deep leftfield vibes on this track.

Over in the back in the back end of the release Protocol gives us the reverb drenched sounds of Chromatic, a tune packed full of atmosphere and some nicely modulated bass synths. Finally Ruffie closes the show with the tribal, skittering sounds of Refugee. Watch out for the EP dropping on August 5th.