Horo Vision [Samurai Horo]

Samurai make an unusual break from their vinyl releases to bring us a retrospective digital release of the previously vinyl-only Horo series. In order to stay true to the series (and presumably avoid angering the vinyl collectors who’ve spent a significant amount of cash collecting the original releases), the new digital compilation only features one track from each of the 12″s; the rest will remain vinyl exclusives.

As fans of the label’s output will expect, the tracks on show are deep, dark and experimental, pushing the boundaries of what D&B is or should be. ASC’s contributions prove varied and excellent as usual, bringing together lush deep-techno and ambient influences with his unusual percussive elements. Other highlights come from Synkro’s Kiyoko alias on the lush downtempo ambience of Track 3 and from Clarity & Overlook on the ominous and angular Rohypnol. Honestly though picking favourites is tough; every track on here is more than worthy of your time and attention.

The limited edition CD being offered has already sold out, but you can still snap up the digital bundle direct from the brand new Samurai web store. Check out the clips below and grab the release now.

FIS – Homologous [Void Coms]

Kiwi producer FIS continues to push the boundaries of weird, experimental electronica on the fringes of the D&B scene with his latest release for Void Coms. The tracks display a deft appreciation for sound design and unusual rhythms, along with a complete disregard for conventional song structure.

This is not the work of an artist looking to churn out DJ friendly singles or be tied to a genre or style of someone else’s creation; rather, the record sounds like an attempt to fuse the atmospherics and deep bass of experimental D&B with the more free-form compositional style of ambient music and noise.

Deeply cinematic, so leftfield it’s off the pitch and doubtless not everyone’s cup of tea. Check out a preview of the EP below. Go on, challenge yourself.

Scope LP [Samurai Music]

Samurai continue their assault on all things leftfield with a various artists LP that delivers a veritable smorgasbord of deep, dark, 170BPM cuts. Highlights include the droning, tribal noise-bass of Kiwi producer Fis, the lush glitchy ambience of Indigo’s Snowfall, and ASC’s Photek-esque Dragnet.

In true Samurai Music fashion the album will be available on five limited edition vinyl plates including a number of vinyl exclusive tracks. Check out the beats below and watch out for the release on September 30th.