Scope LP [Samurai Music]

Samurai continue their assault on all things leftfield with a various artists LP that delivers a veritable smorgasbord of deep, dark, 170BPM cuts. Highlights include the droning, tribal noise-bass of Kiwi producer Fis, the lush glitchy ambience of Indigo’s Snowfall, and ASC’s Photek-esque Dragnet.

In true Samurai Music fashion the album will be available on five limited edition vinyl plates including a number of vinyl exclusive tracks. Check out the beats below and watch out for the release on September 30th.

Consequence – Etcht EP001 [Etcht]

Consequence has been fairly quiet lately but it seems he’s been busy in the studio cooking up leftfield beats for his new label Etcht. His work on this release fuses elements of breakbeat, acid, IDM, glitch, jungle and ambient to create a sound that is remeniscent of Aphex Twin or Bop, with more than a hint of dBridge and autonomic thrown in for good measure.

Across the EP the sounds of warm analogue synths combine with distorted percussion and strange, syncopated rhythms, all layed over smooth, ambient pad-work. The hypnotic melody of Ressed and the classic breakbeat vibes of Lyon are particular highlights, but ultimately the whole record is outstanding. Watch out for the release dropping on vinyl from 12th August.

Mosaic Vol. 2 [Exit Records]

It feels almost redundant to be reviewing this but just in case anyone has somehow slept on what is definitely one of the best compilations of 2013, then feast your ears on Mosaic Vol. 2. Bringing together some seriously deep and innovative cuts from thirty different producers and spanning four plates of vinyl for the wax enthusiasts, Exit have truly outdone themselves.

Among the standout tracks (and this is a tough choice given the quality on show from all concerned) are the glitchy madness of Rockwell’s *)*[808], the lush halfstep liquid of Synkro’s The Way and the classic Fist Level 2B from Insta:mental (only been waiting three years for this one guys…)

Elsewhere Kryptic Minds deliver a fantastic slice of moody halfstep with Burnt To Ashes (a rare return to the 170 tempo since their exit to Dubstep realms several years back), Om Unit and Sam Binga collab on some deeply hip-hop/footwork influenced business, and Fracture & Dawn Day Night bring us the sounds of the ghetto on Sick Wid It. Check out clips of every track below and watch out for this one dropping on digital July 29th with vinyl following on August 5th.

Consequence – Atrium / Box Rituals [Pushing Red]


US label Pushing Red continue their run of excellent house and techno releases with a new 12″ from Consequence (who fans of the deeper side of d&b should remember from his albums on dBridge’s Exit Records imprint). As we’ve come to expect from his releases, regardless of their specific style or tempo, the tunes are steeped in atmosphere and somehow always have that ‘Consequence’ sound.

A side Atrium kicks things off with an ever-so-slightly swung beat over a classic techno-bass groove, making great use of weird arpeggios and little details to give the track a really full sound while retaining that hypnotic effect that the best techno always achieves.

Over on the flip Box Rituals lays down a slightly more tribal beat, with an insistent kick drum layered behind a percussive smorgasbord, giving the beat heaps of texture. Soft pads combine with this more intricate beat to create a more ambient slice of music, and one you can easily lose yourself in for a few minutes.

Look out for this one dropping on March 3rd.