MDZ.02 2017 Re-Mastered [Metalheadz]

In 2015, the legendary DnB label Metalheadz embarked on a project to re-master and re-release all of its classic tunes from the 90s and beyond. This was presumably done for DJs, to give high-quality downloads of early-era songs to those who have updated their equipment but not their tastes.

What it has effectively done on top of that, however, is to expose younger generations of ravers to the wonders of the Metalheadz archives, as well as to producers and sub-genres which, if not forgotten, were buried in the record crates of first-and-second-generation junglists and D&B heads. Now even the grumpiest vinyl-loving old school heads can listen to a crisp, clean WAV of Marcus Intalex’s My Soul on their computers if they so choose.

The most recent release from the “Re-Mastered” project is of 2002’s MDZ.02. Just released on Friday, this 11-track retrospective contains classics from the likes of Klute, Teebee, Loxy & Ink and a special Usual Suspects track called Tribute, an homage to the influential D&B MC Kendo, who’d recently passed at the time the track was released.

2002 was an interesting transitional time for drum and bass. Beats became much faster, samples started to be influenced by hip hop, R&B and rave, and jungle and drum and bass structures started to merge in ways that many felt were unthinkable. Metalheadz was right on the forefront of this change and its surrounding controversy, riding the crest to emerge as the well-established and cutting-edge label it is today.

MDZ.02 2017 isn’t up on Discogs yet, but it can be purchased in a number of formats on the Metalheadz website and clips can be streamed on Soundcloud.

Written by Layla Marino

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Classic Track: Teebee – The Force

The sad news that Renegade Hardware will be closing its doors for good immediately had me digging for classic Hardware via the old Future Beats mix series, and while listening to Chris Renegade’s instalment The Force jumped right out at me.

While far from the only D&B track to make use of a few cheeky Star Wars samples, their use in this track is subtler and altogether more rhythmic than in most other tunes. Combine that with the rolling break and instantly recognisable bassline and you’re onto a classic that still moves floors. RIP Hardware, and long live Teebee!

Sine Language LP [Subtitles]

After something of a period of hibernation in the wake of Calyx & Teebee’s latest album for Ram Records, Teebee’s Subtitles imprint returns in style with a massive compilation album representing all the styles of D&B. While not all the tracks are outstanding (Ulterior Motive’s Gang Rule is a bit of a let down compared to most of their material), there are more than enough top class beats here to be worthy of your attention.

Among the best tracks are the warped, hefty tech of Calyx & Teebee’s Human Reptile remix, the atmospheric drumfunk of Fanu’s Rendlesham and the epic, majestic beauty of Seba’s Under The Sun (which is without a doubt the best liquid tune you’ll hear this year). There’s also plenty on show for the deep heads, with tracks from ASC, Blocks & Escher and Mark System all tripping the leftfield path.

Check out the beats below and grab yourself a copy on vinyl, CD or digital from Surus now.

Classic Track: Photek – Ni Ten Ichi Ryu (Teebee Remix)

Today’s classic track takes us back to 2006 and Teebee’s excellent remix of the legendary Photek’s Ni Ten Ichi Ryu (rougly translated as “Two Swords Technique”). Still fresh today, the clattering jungle-esque beat combines with some aptly chosen sword sound effects to produce a frenetic vibe, contrasting nicely with the soft, atmospheric Japanese-style pads. Teebee rounds the tune off nicely with some dirty tech bass stabs, aptly capturing the spirit of the Photek original but lending it a heavier, more cutting edge. Tune!