Telekinesis – Fight Club [Blackout Music]

Telekinesis return to BSE’s Blackout imprint with five tracks of pure dancefloor danger! Coppa returns for the titular Fight Club which treads the same territory as Dojo favourite Pocket Full of Drops to great effect, with Bias and Jab proving more than effective neuro weapons to boot. Big, bad and not even a little bit subtle, this is peak time floor slaying D&B at it’s best; check out the clips below and grab the EP from Beatport right now.

Telekinesis – Eyes Closed [Free Download]

To celebrate the upcoming release of the Judgement Day EP on BSE’s Blackout imprint (and because they love to tease) Telekinesis are giving away Eyes Closed via their Facebook page. As we’ve come to expect from the Slovenian duo it’s a slickly produced slice of neurofunk with an infectious hook and some serious bass texture. Check it out below and grab yourself a tidy freebie!


In The Mix…Black Sun Empire

Dutch Neurofunk legends Black Sun Empire return with Episode 23 of their podcast series, and the boys have gathered a particularly tidy selection of neurofunk belters for the mix! New cuts from Chris.Su, Telekinesis, Memtrix and more all feature in the mix. As usual it’s a free download, so check it out!

In The Mix…Jade [Eatbrain]

Jade returns with the 6th episode of the sporadic Eatbrain podcast series and serves up a healthy portion of neurofunk for your listening pleasure! Brand new Eatbrain dubs from Telekinesis and Teddy Killerz feature alongside new beats and classic tracks from the likes of Noisia, Black Sun Empire, Dom & Roland, Neonlight and Bad Company. Dark and nasty all the way, just how we like it!

DNB Dojo Mix Series 01: Hex


The first in our series of exclusive mixes for DnB Dojo comes courtesy of blog owner Hex! The mix features a sneak peek at his newest track The Law alongside an hour of the best techstep and neurofunk, including brand new tracks from Telekinesis, Fourward and The Upbeats. The mix is available as a free download, so stream it below and grab a copy from Mediafire! The mix is also available over on Mixcloud.


Hex – The Law
The Upbeats & Noisia – Creep Out [Non Vogue]
Telekinesis & MC Coppa – Pocket Full of Drops [Eatbrain]
Cause4Concern – Luca (Silent Witness Remix) [C4C]
Ivy Lab – Brat [Critical]
Mikal – The Chant (Rido Remix) [Utopia]
The Upbeats – Diffused [Vision]
Enei & Mefjus – Crawlers [Critical]
The Prototype & MC ID – Blackout [Shogun]
Telekinesis & Concord Dawn – Nightwalkers [Eatbrain]
Neonlight – Frozen Tape (Rregular & Dementia Remix) [Trust in Music]
Inside Info – Sundew [Viper]
Audio & Future Signal – Furyen [Subtitles]
Cause4Concern – Control Freak (Task Horizon Remix) [C4C]
Ewun & Spor – We Dominate [Lifted]
Cause4Concern – Pandemic (Octane & DLR Remix) [C4C]
Naibu & Ena feat. Key – Into The Distance (Break Remix) [Horizons]
Cause4Concern – Jinx [C4C]
BSE & Foreign Beggars – Dawn Of A Dark Day [BSE]
Optiv & BTK – Riptide [Virus]
Neonlight – Computer Music [Lifted]
Jade – Acid Flood [BSE]
Fourward – Street Knowledge [AudioPorn]
Jade – Venom (Mindscape Remix) [Eatbrain]
Memtrix – Mind Control [Breed 12 Inches]
Teddy Killerz & Nphonix – Earth Shaker [Bad Taste]
Joe Ford – City 17 [Bad Taste]
Apex – Malfunction [Trust in Music]
Villem – Splinter In Your Mind (Break Remix) [Ingredients]

In The Mix…Chris.Su

As promo for February’s rather excellent Renegade Hardware 18th Birthday event the boys at Hardware HQ got a rather tasty promo mix out of the one and only Chris.Su. Full of meaty double drops and hefty tunes from the man himself alongside new material from the likes of Mindscape, Jade and Telekinesis, this is definitely one for the neurofunk heads. Check it out and grab a free download below!

Telekinesis – The Nightwalkers EP [Eatbrain]

Slovenian neurofunk duo Telekinesis have bult up a small but healthy catalogue of releases over the last couple of years on respected labels like Breed 12 Inches, Bad Taste, oBSEssions and Close 2 Death, and their latest release for Jade’s Eatbrain imprint builds on that success aptly.

Opener Pocket Full Of Drops does exactly what it says on the tin, coming hard and heavy with a rolling beat and a hype vocal from MC Coppa. Title track Nightwalkers sees the duo team up with Kiwi stalwart Concord Dawn for a slightly more melodic but no less heavy hitting number, all atmosphere on the build up before heading into a hefty drop with a tasty synth lead that CD fans will be familiar with.

Lich continues the EP nicely with a slice of techy upbeat funk that’s as well paced as it is insistent; the duo have dialed back the bass ever so slightly to a level where this would sit nicely in almost any set but is still sure to get the floor moving.

Last but not least She Wants To Skate brings in a bouncy beat and warped bass with a slightly trancey lead and some nice vocal cut ups. All in all this is an EP that neuro fans will be itching to get their grubby mits on!

Watch out for more previews over the coming weeks.

Black Sun Empire – From The Shadows [BSE]

While Dutch drum & bass veterans Black Sun Empire have certainly been busy gigging and organising their Blackout nights (which have recently touched down in the UK, to great success) new music from the trio has been fairly thin on the ground since their last album Lights and Wires. Apparently the boys have been busy and just not telling anyone though, as the emergence of the sampler for their 5th album From The Shadows shows.

More of a tease than a true show of new material, the sampler nonetheless showcases some seriously stomping remixes of tracks from Lights by the likes of Jade, Neonlight, Mindspace and Telekinesis. If you like your drum & bass big, bad and thoroughly growling then look no further than this!