Tokyo Prose – Dawn Chorus EP [Samurai Red Seal]

Tokyo Prose is a rare producer in the scene, a man whose creations never fail to put a smile on my face. While Sam Reed certainly wasn’t the first to ply the deep, melodic style of Drum & Bass, he’s certainly developed his own voice over the years and his latest work is amongst his best.

Following last year’s Presence LP was always going to be tough given the quality and diversity of that record, but the Dawn Chorus EP feels perfectly pitched in that regard; lesser in scope but finely crafted and showcasing that warmth and emotion that makes his work so special. Whether on the beautiful string section of Dawn Chorus, the effortless downtempo of Vanishing Point or the bright chimes and crisp breaks of Windtalkers, the instrumentation remains beautiful and evocative.

Anyone yet to be persuaded by the gentle depth of the liquid sound may not find anything new to change their mind here, but if you appreciate the more musical side of Drum & Bass then the Dawn Chorus EP provides four tracks you will lose yourself in again and again. Serenity and bliss, softness and speed, feeling and thought, all lovingly packaged at one hundred and seventy beats per minute; it doesn’t get much better than this.

Check out the clips below and hit up the Samurai Store to grab a copy on wax before it inevitably sells out.

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Premiere: Quatermass – You Gotta Take It


We’ve got another exclusive first listen for you all and this time it’s coming from Quatermass and Terabyte Records! Blending the Chicago Footwork sound with jungle breaks, rave horns and smooth, sultry pads, this is a chopped up rollercoaster of a track. Check it out below and watch out for the release dropping via all the usual digital stores from Oct 19th.

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Dojo Damager: Evol Intent – Scavenger’s Paradize

US party starters Evol Intent have been at the forefront of the hard D&B scene for over a decade with their pioneering mix of gangster rap, glitch and balls to the wall D&B. With the generous trio dropping yet another dangerous freebie it seemed only right to name Scavengers Paradize this week’s Dojo Damager!

Mashing up previous Evol tracks Scavenger and Paradize City, this is an infectious blend of NWA samples, G-Funk synths and a massive, hard hitting D&B backbone. Sprinkle in a few shotgun clicks and you’re good to go! Check it out below and hit up the Evol Intent soundcloud to grab a copy right now.

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Break – Simpler Times LP [Symmetry]

Some things about Drum & Bass never change, and one of the constants of the scene over the last decade or more is the consistent quality of Break’s output. His third album, released this week on his own Symmetry Recordings imprint, is quite possibly his most polished work to date, and it’s certainly a focussed body of work – the LP weighs in at just 12 tracks and when you’re talking about a producer who knocks out a new single every six weeks we get the impression it could easily have been 30 tracks with less careful curation.

If Simpler Times has a theme, to our ears it is funk, or more broadly the incorporation of organic musical elements alongside the synthetic to give the tracks a less clinical and more musical tone. That funk certainly shines through in the drums, which are heavy hitting but still retain that natural quality that made early jungle so endearing and potentially makes modern D&B (and particularly neurofunk) sound sterile.

That musicality shines through on the likes of Kyo collab Nevaeh, with it’s lush, spacey intro and loose jazz drums, and on the smooth, loungey vibes of Pushing Me On, but there’s still plenty of dancefloor heft to be found even on the more musical tracks. While the LP doesn’t feature any out and out tech bangers a-la previous cuts like Kicked To Death or Too Much, there are certainly more upfront tracks to be found such as the punchy synth-led sci-fi vibe of Confidential and the bouncing halftime hip-hop of Kill Dem.

More than anything this LP sounds like Break having a lot of fun with the formula, whether on the fantastically crisp jungle of Late Exclusive or the exuberant album closer Hope. We can only imagine the grin on his face when he was chopping up James Brown for stripped back weapon The Flux! Another top notch album from one of the scene’s brightest talents; check out the clips below and hit up the Symmetry Store to grab it on vinyl or digital right now.

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SCAR – Caged EP [Metalheadz]

SCAR are a perfect example of the whole being greater than the sum of the parts. While Survival and Script are both respectable producers with plenty of solid titles in their respective discographies, their collaborative material as SCAR is a level above, a fact that has led to their rapid ascent through the scene over the past year.

Their latest work for Metalheadz finds them on fine form, exploring deeper musical elements while retaining that rolling techstep heft that defined their first few releases. The title track exemplifies this perfectly, with lush musicality on the intro giving way to a punchy rollout in the verse, and punchy as hell it is too.

Elsewhere Your Move feels like a nod to the classic ‘headz tracks of yesteryear, bringing together chopped breaks and pad-based psychedelia for a fantastic drum workout drenched in muted euphoria and longing. Fall From Grace meanwhile takes an angsty turn, with creepy vocals echoing through the intro before a heavy angular drop, all meaty kicks and snarling reese.

Asides from their obvious talents for groove and engineering, SCAR are managing to inject more emotion into their work than is to be found in the wealth of bombastic but ultimately soulless dance music released every day. For that they should definitely be applauded, so check out the clips below and go grab the EP on vinyl or digital now!

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Fre4knc – Systems 002 [Critical]

Critical’s Systems series continues with it’s second instalment coming from Dutch techstep innovator Fre4knc. Fans of the man’s style should know what to expect here; dark textures abound with a generally threatening tone but there’s still innovation to be found within that niche.

Highlights come on the ominous halftime of Mongoose-vocalled opener This Misery, the bouncy swung riddim of Fender Bender and minimal drum workout Rebus. Tasty business all round! Check out the clips below and hit up the Critical Store to grab a copy right now.

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DNB Dojo Mix Series 20: Thing


Thing is a busy man. Between dropping tracks for the likes of Doc Scott’s 31 Records and Blu Mar Ten Music the Estonian producer releases a phenomenal quantity of music via his own Dubthing and Depthwise labels.

Thing has been kind enough to take time out of the studio to record our latest exclusive mix, and it’s quite a sonic journey. Starting out with experimental cuts from the likes of Moresounds, Survey and Sam KDC, taking in his brand new inSpace/Crickets single and finishing up with classic techstep from Lemon D and Dillinja, this is a perfectly crafted mix from a serious selector.

As usual you can check out the mix via Soundcloud below or head to Mixcloud, or iTunes to stream. You can also grab a download from Dropbox. Don’t forget to check out Thing’s new single and his recent Collected Works compilation too!

J. Nomad & Crypticz – Downfall
Ahmad and Konfront Audio – No Escape
Moresounds – Etho
LX ONE – So Gully
Survey – Untitled
Sam KDC & The Untouchables – Alliance
Was a be – Carcosa
Ghost Warrior – Intruders
DAAT – Meat Grinder (Justice & Metro Re-Grind)
Monic – Habits (Monic Version)
DAAT – Fridge (Overlook Remix)
Ahmad – Dissident
Thing – Inspace
Thing – Crickets
Sonis – Killah Sound
Om Unit – Spiritwerk
Dj MADD – Brooklyb Rudeboy
Theory – I Saw You Girl
Mako – Let the truth be heard
Klute – Just What You’re Feeling
Overlook – Distant blues
Photek – Consciousness
Ed Rush & Nico – The Force is Electric
Lemon D – This is LA
Dillinja – The Angels Fell

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Eighth Moon – Western Horizon

LA liquid producer Eighth Moon is back with another pair of smooth, floaty rollers and once again it’s a blissful summery vibe to enjoy the last of the sunshine with.

Western Horizon hums along with effortless melody and a sense of unabashed glee, but still somehow avoids coming off as overly cheesy, no mean feat in the world of melodic D&B where many producers end up with a distinctly cheddarstep sound.

Celestial Flight follows suit, keeping the beats rolling and the tone warm and fuzzy, with a playful bassline unpinning soaring synth melodies and a childlike exuberance sometimes lacking from more po-faced dance music. The release is avilable now at Eighth Moon’s bandcamp, so check out the clips below and go grab it!

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Q&A – Lynch Kingsley

Lynch Kingsley’s footwork-fusion style of D&B has impressed us massively here at the Dojo since we first came across him via last year’s excellent Make Your Love EPNaturally when we heard of new material for London’s Flexout Audio we had to get the inside scoop! With that in mind we tracked down the Italian producer for a quick chat about his new EP and how his unique style has come together.

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Dojo Damager: Current Value – Pulverized

To say that Current Value has a pedigree in the hard D&B scene is something of an understatement; the German producer has been knocking the fuck out of sound systems worldwide for almost two decades and judging by his latest work for BSE’s Blackout imprint he’s in no danger of losing his touch.

Our pick of his latest EP for this week’s Dojo Damager is the appropriately punishing Pulverized. Bringing together a classic technoid bleep melody with savage bassline pressure and a relentless drum line, this tune does exactly what it says on the tin. Ooooooft!

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