Premiere: Fetus – Dark Monkey

Unchained bring us more of that halftime swagger on today’s premiere, as Japanese producer Fetus joins the label for his debut solo EP. Dark Monkey lurches along to an idiosyncratic rhythm, with seasick bass and swung drums giving this track a unique vibe. Watch out for the EP coming Apr 16th!

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Premiere: Deep Field – Skylark (feat. Torsten Jensen)

Uplifting piano roller vibes on today’s exclusive as Deep Field & Torsten Jensen land on Audio Entropy with Skylark! Such a delicate, joyous tune…look out for this at digital stores from Apr 23rd.

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Get To Know: Lossless Music

The brainchild of Soul Intent, Lossless Music began life as many such artist-run labels do – as an outlet for Alex’s own productions. That changed in a big way from 2016 onwards, as Lossless began to welcome other artists to the roster both on the main imprint and two other sub-labels – Exkursions, for more leftfield D&B, and Dope Plates for old-school jungle and rave-tinged outings.

Whether it’s his own work or that of other producers, the label trifecta has gone from strength to strength and shows no sign of stopping. Read on for five of our favourites from the Lossless vaults…

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Classic Track: Hidden Agenda – History Remastered Part 1

Dispatch start their celebration of 20 years in the game this month with a selection of remasters from the earliest releases on the label, provided by brothers Jason aka Nos (original label founder) & Mark Goodings aka Max Fresh of Hidden Agenda.

This package provides a superb time capsule, teleporting us back to the deeper end of the D&B sound in the early 2000s; a huge contrast to the current Dispatch sound. Where today’s productions tend to be defined by dark bassline science and precision impact drums, these tracks were built around funk breaks and much subtler sub grooves, and that sound still has a freshness to it today.

Highlights include the bouncy vibes of Shut Down, the spacey funk of 9.30 and bright synth stabs of Chase Sequence, but doubtless everyone will find their own favourites in a diverse selection. Check it out below and hit up the Dispatch Bandcamp to grab a copy now!

Premiere: PRTCL & Xenon – Who Said That Funk Is Dead

PRTCL & Xenon are keeping it funky on today’s exclusive with another deadly tech roller. The customary bassline grit is off-set with a selection of rave stabs and warbles set to a rolling drum groove…wicked stuff. Look out for this one coming April 15th at digital stores!

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Premiere: Cryptographic – Light & Darkness

Sometimes a track perfectly lives up to its name and that’s definitely the case on today’s premiere, Cryptographic’s aptly titled Light & Darkness. The light side presents itself via elegant melodies before a mid-verse switch to those dark, twisted basslines we know and love. Watch out for this coming Apr 23rd at Bandcamp with other stores following Apr 30th.

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Black Sun Empire – Driving Insane Remixes [Blackout]

Black Sun Empire’s early output holds a very special place for a lot of D&B heads of a certain age, an exciting time when the relatively nascent neurofunk style was developing in interesting new directions, and the Dutch trio’s trance-infused take on the sound captured imaginations and dancefloors alike. Nearly twenty years on from the release of their debut Driving Insane LP they announced a remix contest, allowing producers the chance to provide fresh takes on these yesteryear classics with the stems to no less than five tracks from the album. But would these new remixes do the originals justice?

Thankfully the competition inspired some superb work and the resulting remix EP provides varied and entirely worthy adaptations of the source material. Myselor’s contest-winning take on Breach opens the EP, retaining the recognisable twin-leads of the original but imbuing them with additional melodic elements that utterly change the vibe of the track. Brooding and atmospheric is replaced by uplifting and heroic, elevating the feeling to truly epic levels.

Russian scene stalwart EastColors delivers a respectful take on title track Driving Insane, keeping the flavour intact while providing a modern switch on the drums and bassline elements with a touch of foghorn for good measure. Australian duo V O E serve up the heaviest dancefloor number with a mashup of Don’t You and Stasis, landing the punches with their aggressive modern neuro sound.

Rounding out the EP, Waeys dives deep into hypnotic territory with unusual rhythms and driving drums on his experimental remix of Stasis. Finally Rillium gives us a short and sweet 3-minute take on Arrakis which crescendos into intricate drumwork and pulsing synths, fading as quickly as they rise.

Varied and exciting reworks from all concerned; the Driving Insane Remixes EP is out now at Beatport and available to stream on the usual platforms.

Premiere: Enok, Mathis & Sonny G – Noir

Regular collaborators Enok, Mathis and Sonny G join forces once again for today’s premiere. Blending life instrumentation, jazz influences and a retro aesthetic, this is definitely a bit different, and all the better for it. Imagine a smoke-filled speakeasy crossed with a 90s liquid funk club night and you’ll get a picture of the sound they’re conjuring…or better yet just take a listen! The Noir EP drops April 2nd at digital stores.

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Premiere: Nomad – Bad Habits (feat. MC Catfish Bobby)

Fuck About co-founder Nomad lands on Parallel Depth with a new EP and we’re hyped to bring you the premiere of the title track! MC Catfish Bobby brings his vocal stylings to build tension on the breakdowns while Nomad provides a throbbing tech groove…wicked stuff. Look out for this at digital stores from Apr 6th!

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Premiere: Andrew Bobson – Disappear

Rolling tech grooves on today’s exclusive as we present a new cut from Andrew Bobson! Taken from the very first release on Polish label Breaky Vibes, this one is all about deep sub, crisp drums and infectious hooks…watch out for the release dropping April 2nd at digital stores.

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