Premiere: Tellus – Haze

Deep vibrations once again as Tellus returns to Locked Concept! Serene atmospheres and detailed, unconventional percussion characterise this spacey, cinematic journey. Thinking man’s 170…check it out and watch out for the EP coming Nov 21st at digital stores.

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Premiere: Brain & Novaglitch – Delayed

Rolling tech funk is the order of the day on today’s premiere as we present an exclusive from Columbian beat slingers Brain and Novaglitch! Forthcoming on their I.D Bogota imprint, Delayed is a stripped back, murky roller full of punchy drums and groaning bass modulations. Sick! Look for the release coming Nov 20th on digital and 7″ vinyl…

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Premiere: Metafloor – WTF

Today’s exclusive comes from Metafloor’s forthcoming Cosmic Medley LP for Aufect! Infectious hybrid rhythms, with a halftime backbeat and tons of skittering fills for a wicked take on the “slow/fast” sound. Look for this coming Nov 27th at digital stores!

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Gydra – Snake Monastery [Eatbrain]

Russian neurofunk badboys Gydra come of age this month with their debut LP for Eatbrain. With releases for basically every major neuro imprint in the scene since their arrival in 2015, they’ve already established themselves as a force to be reckoned with in high-octane, futuristic D&B primed for the dancefloor. So what fresh delights does Snake Monastery have in store?

The answer, in short, is a big old pile of aggy, bassline focused neuro weaponry. What elevates the selection here among the horde of neurofunk hitting the digital stores every day is the relentless focus on detail and groove – every snare slap, bassline growl and FX sweep has been primed and poised for perfect impact.

The Gydra boys have more than a knack for a catchy riff to boot; tracks like Lava Run and Stoning give the likes of The Upbeats and Cause4Concern a serious run for their money. Special shout out too to for the deliciously funky breakbeat vibes on Poison Track; taking things back to the rave roots with a neuro twist!

Anyone expecting subtlety or reservation definitely won’t find it here but if you need something to stomp around your kitchen to in these dark times then Gydra are delivering the goods in spades. Hit up your favourite digital store to grab the album right now, or check out the Neuropunk store for a rather fetching wooden-boxed USB edition.

Premiere: Special Victims – Aldgate

Ultra deep vibrations on today’s premiere as Swiss duo Special Victims deliver an atmospheric halftime cut for Drum Army! Mellow-step for winter times…check it out, and look for the Yo Bro VA LP coming Nov 20th at digital stores.

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Premiere: NComfortable – Fifth Coulumn

NComfortable brings the vibes on today’s premiere, taken from his Babylon Cuts LP for BNC Express! Short but sweet, this two minute wonder brings together serene melodies and jungle breaks for a joyously atmospheric ride. Check it out, and look for the album at digital stores from Nov 16th.

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Tokyo Prose – Gossamer EP [footnotes]

We live in deeply uncertain times right now, but thankfully some things can still be relied upon, and new material from Tokyo Prose falls firmly under that heading! New Zealand’s best liquid producer and one of a small handful across the scene that can legitimately be mentioned in the same breath as artists like Calibre…special stuff.

Sam’s latest work sees him making his debut on LSB’s footnotes imprint, which feels like an incredibly natural home for the deep, thoughtful music he produces; LSB is certainly a kindred spirit in this regard.

All four tracks are vintage Prose – if you’re expecting halftime curveballs or unlikely dark stompers you’ll likely be disappointed. What shouldn’t be disappointing is the effortless, hypnotic melodies on show, whether it’s the upbeat piano and jazz sax of Jacknife, the melancholy chords of Gossamer or the intricate progressions of Lights Down Low, a rare collaborative track with Satl.

Deft, subtle, joyous and thoughtful, Gossamer finds Tokyo Prose on top form, making unashamedly rolling and unashamedly emotional drum & bass. Can’t argue with that from where we’re standing! The EP is out now on vinyl and digital via the footnotes Bandcamp.

Molecular – Ultron / Dunkin [Ekou Recordings]

Having cut his teeth on some of Europe’s finest breeding ground imprints like Delta9 and Counterpoint, it’s no surprise that DLR has hand selected Molecular for his Sofa Sound imprint. This time though, we’re here to celebrate his latest single on London-based imprint Ekou Recordings.

The A-side Ultron combines Current Value style drum programming with eerie pads, stabs and strings, and even features a halftime switch up towards the end of the track. Over on the flip, Dunkin features a funky baseline with deft uses of reverb, stabs and vocals.

The Portuguese producer is on a steep trajectory now under the wing of one the finest producers of the 2010s. These two tracks may yet become significant formative material for a star of the 2020s. Hit up the EKOU Bandcamp to grab a copy right now!

Written by James Austin

Premiere: NOVALU & VRUM – Bitterkuss

German producers NOVALU and VRUM team up on today’s premiere! Forthcoming on Hyperobject sublabel TÖ TÖ TAM TAM, Bitterkuss demonstrates a knack for punchy, futuristic sound design while still retaining a soulful side often lost in the technicalities of modern D&B. Look for this coming Nov 12th at all good digital stores!

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Premiere: Javano – Coral

Javano lands in our premiere spotlight with a new cut taken from his forthcoming LP on Peer Pressure Records! Coral brings a techno sensibility to the world of 170, with an unusual drum line and hypnotic chords and FX sucking you in for a spaced out ride. Check it out below and hit up the Peer Pressure bandcamp to grab The Drift LP right now!

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