Om Unit & Sam Binga – BUNIT004

Om Unit & Sam Binga’s irregular BUNIT series of releases continues to be an absolute pleasure with the fourth volume now available via their usual Bandcamp store. As with previous volumes this is a complete free-for-all in terms of patterns and influences, vaguely within the 170 arena but certainly making no concessions to D&B formulas or trends.

From grimey trapped-out opener Shut The Window through the absolutely devastating cut-up jungle smasher Self Triggered, out into the spacey, driving weirdness of Never Been To Berghain and finishing up with the extremely acid-infused (and baffling titled) No Chairs, this is scattershot, heavyweight and generally fantastic. Exactly what you’d expect from Binga and Unit then really.

Vinyl copies of this are moving fast so hit up Unearthed Sounds to grab the wax or head to the BUNIT Bandcamp to get a digital copy straight from the source.

Om Unit & Sam Binga – TransSiberian EP [BUNIT]

Frequent partners in crime Sam Binga & Om Unit return to their infrequent but consistently excellent “Trans Continental” EP series this month, delivering the 3rd and final instalment through their self-run BUNIT imprint.

As we’ve come to expect from these producers and this series of EPs in particular, this is another melting pot of genre influences as dub, grime, jungle and footwork are smashed together into a funk-laden boogie-stew across four playful tracks sure to put a smile on any bass connoisseur’s face. There’s certainly tons of variety too; opener Optimist Prime lives up to it’s name with a buoyant, victorious lead line set to a driving halftime clap groove, while 2000 Dogs melds squelching acid bass with some tasty jungle break chopping.

Fans of the crossover footwork sound will definitely enjoy Up & Under; a frenetic array of percussion keeps this one moving at a breakneck pace, while Baby Steps takes us way out with a glacially paced, spaced-out dub jam. Sick vibes all round from two of the most innovative names in the scene! Check out the clips below and hit up the BUNIT Bandcamp to grab a copy direct on vinyl or digital.

Sam Binga & Om Unit – TransPacific EP

Messrs Binga & Unit are back with another cheeky slice of white label shenaniganery following the success of their Transatlantic EP. The pair have gone in on a selection of experimental beats for this one, with one eye on the dancefloor but probably another three eyes elsewhere.

Windmill Kick opens the salvo with a ruffneck slice of chopped up jungle sporting a distinctly grime-influenced synth melody. It’s a perfect example of the sort of genre-clashing production that makes their work so exciting, and it’s more than capable of moving a dancefloor to boot; wicked stuff.

Big Kev changes tack completely, bringing together footwork, hip-hop and a squelching acid line for an outing remeniscent of Fracture, Spinn & Taso’s recent Acid Claps; apparently great minds think alike! 1000 Cats keeps the riddims shuffling but airs things out with a fantastic psych-tinged melody, leaving it to Planetary Reboot to go full-mental and close the EP with a droning, beatless synth-noise wash.

We’re suckers for a good white label here at the Dojo and it’s fantastic to hear two producers as talented as Om Unit & Sam Binga flowing free with their sonic whims, unshackled by labels or genre pigeon-holes. Roll on the next instalment! Hit up the BUNIT Bandcamp to grab a copy now, but move fast; if this one sells as well as the first release did it won’t be on their shelves for long.