Premiere: Paracusia – Graveyard Shift (Homemade Weapons Remix)

Homemade Weapons lands in our premiere spotlight today with a new remix for Paracusia. Brooding atmospherics and threatening breakbeat switches characterise this one…dark vibes. Look out for the release coming via Onset Audio Oct 4th…

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Homemade Weapons – Clarion Call EP [Samurai Music]

Seattle based producer Homemade Weapons has carved out quite a reputation for himself as a purveyor of stark, militant beats and his latest EP for Presha’s esteemed Samurai Music imprint is possibly his finest work to date. The title Clarion Call (and indeed the cover art, featuring images of riot police fighting protesters) should give you some idea of what to expect; this is angry music with more than a little edge to it.

The EP’s first half hits the hardest, with tough break chopping and brooding sub a-plenty, with highlights on the positively snarling Clarion Call and the relentless kicks and breaks of Mileena VIP. The digital only tracks on the second half take things deeper, keeping the ominous tone but reeling in the breaks in favour of more spacious halftime stylings.

Overall the EP is a fearsome selection of material for those who like their beats at the moody end of the spectrum. Check out the clips below and hit up the Samurai store to get a copy on digital now. Vinyl heads, if you haven’t already grabbed a copy direct from Samurai you’ll need to keep an eye on the usual outlets when the record reaches general release.

If you’re looking for more from Homemade Weapons the man himself has just mixed the latest installment of the Samurai Podcast; check out his murky selections below.

Forbidden Codes LP [117 Records]

For anyone who’s wondering what DJ Trace has been up to lately, it seems he’s been busy founding a new label in the form of 117 Records. Apparently having tired of the neuro sound he’d been championing for over a decade at DSCI4, he shut that label down and started 117 with a view to releasing a slew of music from producers who have been harnessing a more old school sound in combination with modern production techniques.

The label’s latest output is an absolutely gigantic LP featuring D&B and Jungle cuts which are dark and at times techy but definitely a shade different to the neurofunk sounds that defined DSCI4. The two LP bundles available are split between 8 tracks in a vinyl only bundle (available at Redeye here) consisting of 4 limited edition clear 10″s, and a 24 track digital bundle.

Particular highlights from the vinyl bundle come on from Kid Lib with the manic jungle syncopations of The Rifle, Gremlinz & Homemade Weapons absolutely menacing Scar-H and the equally brutal roll of Genotype’s aptly titled Aggression Snare. The digital bundle meanwhile plays host to some treats such as the hyperactive amen cut ups of X Nation’s remix of Trace’s Never Felt This Way, the distinctly old skool stabs and breaks of Fade’s Phobia and Trace and Nico’s clattering Monkeys.

The whole LP is well worth a listen so check out the clips on Soundcloud and pick your own favourites.

Quadrant & Iris – Spinout [Commercial Suicide]

US duo Quadrant & Iris have been busy lately with releases for Dispatch, Intrigue and Avantgarde and now the duo grace Klute’s Commercial Suicide imprint with a new 12″ featuring their signature style of rolling beats and weighty bass.

The titular Spinout sees Quadrant on a solo outing, delivering a tight, techy roller embellished with some floaty synth action in the breakdowns. Next up the pair collaborate on Depth Sounder, featuring an insistent bass riff and super detailed percussion which is sure to have you nodding along. The EP wraps up with a deeper, halftime number featuring the additional talents of Calculon and Homemade Weapons, filling in the sparser beats with twin basslines and echoing vocal snippets.

Check out the clips below and watch out for the release dropping on vinyl and digital from December 16th.

In The Mix…Homemade Weapons

Up and coming US D&B producer Homemade Weapons brings us a tidy mix for Vancouver bass crew Fractured Technique! This one is all clattering snares and darkness, and with support from the likes of Loxy, dBridge, Skeptical, Clarity, Hybris, it’s no surprise. Check out the mix below and keep an eye on the FT Facebook page for news on their events.