Impak – The Hum EP [NeurofunkGrid]

What better way to kick off your Sunday than with a free download from NeurofunkGrid? Impak returns to the label for his second NFG release with two new cuts that are sure to be working dancefloors over the next few months. The Hum hits down with a tight, rolling groove and a catchy lead melody; while there’s weighty sub to the mix this is definitely a masterpiece of clean engineering.

Over on the flip Medula aims for scuzzier territory; atmospheric pads and piano on the intro give way to an impressive array of warping mid-range sounds that fans of Aeph and other purveyors of the futuristic neurofunk sound will definitely enjoy. A half-time breakdown in the second half gives the tune variety, and the sound design alone is worth a listen.

As usual you can grab the EP from the NeurofunkGrid Facebook page where you can also find all the label’s previous releases. Check out the clips below and grab it now!

Akov – Construct EP [NeurofunkGrid]

NeurofunkGrid continue their convincing crusade to prove that free music can knock the socks off anything you paid money for with another top notch EP, this time from Akov. Construct kicks things off nicely with chunky beats, warped bass and a great switchup into drumstep rhythm halfway through the tune.

Negative Space dials things back a bit and heads for deep, growling territory with intricate, angular beats characterising the tune and the atmospherics and vocal samples lending the tune hints of IDM and Dub. Finally Rubix heads for heavy hitting neuro territory once again, but only after lulling us into a false sense of security with a funky intro and a catchy vocal hook.

Check out the beats below and head over to the NFG Facebook page for a free download!

Impak – Alive EP [Free Download]

Youtube channel turned net-label NeurofunkGrid return with another top quality free release, this time from Spanish producer Impak. Alive delivers a hyperactive slice of futuristic neuro goodness, with tons of movement in the bassline and a pounding beat.

Move It Out builds things up with some nice synth harmonics before the drop; a half-time beat with the force of a dozen sledgehammers set to some fantastic warped sub bass. Just as you think you’ve got the tune figured out it swaps to double time for maximum heft. Nice!

To top it all Impak has also put together a tidy 45 minutes mix of the latest neuro cuts for the 12th in the NFG Talents mix series. Check out the beats and the mix below and download the release from the NFG Facebook page here.

In The Mix…Nickbee

Nickbee steps up to provide a special edition of the regular NeurofunkGrid Talents mix series, serving up just shy of an hour’s worth of beats including tunes from Noisia, The Upbeats, Phace and Mayhem. The mix is packed full of dubs too, so expect the unexpected, and expect it dark and heavy.

SEVA – Shapeless EP [Free Download]

Rising talent SEVA brings us his debut release via NeurofunkGrid and it’s a bit of a doozy! Crisp, clear drums and monstrous bass are the order of the day on both tracks, and the attention to detail and texture of sound design is top notch for such a young producer. One to watch! Better still, the release is a free download – grab it here.