Sleepnet – Angel Blade [Vision]

Since the late 2019 announcement that Noisia would be parting ways as a creative project, neurofunk fans have been waiting with anticipation to see what new projects might emerge from the trio…and we may just have heard the first music from one or more of them. All we know for sure about the mysterious Sleepnet so far is that their first track is coming out on Vision, though the internet rumour mill is already churning with many suggesting the project is a collaboration between Noisia’s Nik and fellow Vision artist Former.

Whoever might be behind the project, the first track certainly bears the hallmarks of the Vision sound; intricate sound designs build tension on the intro before releasing into crunchy breakbeats and growling reese basses, though interestingly Angel Blade doesn’t feel like it’s been primed for the dancefloor as much as the home listening environment.

We’ll certainly be keeping our eyes peeled for more details (and more music) from Sleepnet…for now you can find Angel Blade at digital stores and streaming services.

Noisia – Incessant EP [Vision]

Regular readers will know we’re big fans of Noisia here at the Dojo, and doubly so when we can get our grubby mits on new vinyl! The Incessant EP sees the two exclusive tracks from the Ten Years of Vision compilation getting a wax pressing alongside two brand new tracks from the ever busy dutch trio.

As ever the tracks display that bass-line finesse and attention to detail which only Noisia can provide, with Banshee opting for a deeper vibe while Mefjus & Hybris collab Clusterfunk hits down with an absolutely mental rhythm! Check out the clips below and head to the Noisia Store to grab a copy on vinyl or digital from April 20th.

Ten Years of Vision Recordings

Noisia’s Vision Recordings imprint is among the pack of esteemed D&B labels celebrating its 10th anniversary, and to mark the occasion they’ve remastered a host of top tracks from the Vision back catalogue which they’ll be releasing on CD, USB stick and digital download alongside two new tracks exclusive to the compilation (both of which you can preview below).

For the merchandise-hungry there are also bundles available featuring a 10 years of Vision t-shirt and a rather tasty (if somewhat expensive) 12″ artwork book featuring full size, full colour artwork from every single release on the label. Head over to the Noisia store to pick up one of the bundles now, or cop it from your favourite digital outlet.




Momoiro Clover Z – Lost Child (Noisia Remix) [Vision Recordings]

News of fresh Noisia beats is always music to our ears here at the Dojo, and their latest remix for Momoiro Clover Z is no exception! You could be forgiven for thinking “Momoiro Clover who?”; for those not well versed in Japanese pop music, think their version of Girls Aloud. An unlikely choice for a Noisia remix, then.

The end result sees a chorus of voices on the intro and bridge segments set to epic chords, which then give way to a stomping drumstep rhythm and that trademark Noisia bass grit. If Noisia were to remix the Akira soundtrack, this would be the result. Check it out below and grab yourself a copy via Beatport from Monday August 25th.


Noisia – Purpose EP [Vision]

It’s difficult to imagine that anyone can have missed this given the massive pre-release hype via UKF, Noisia’s Facebook feed and many other channels, but in case you’ve been living under a rock for the last few weeks and haven’t heard the news, Noisia are back with a brand new EP of hefty neurofunk.

Featuring 8 tracks including new collaborations with Phace, Prolix and Evol Intent, the tunes all display the classic Noisia hallmarks of incredible sound design, monstrous bass and general production sheen. Some of the more dancefloor-oriented tracks like Asteroids and Stamp Out veer close to jump up territory, prioritising bass heft over notions of subtlety, but thankfully this isn’t the case everywhere. Evol Intent collab Long Gone proves surprisingly restrained, with atmospheric pads providing just as much of the tune’s character as the heavy snares and bass swells.

Other highlights come on the eerie techstep groove of Leopard Slug, the predictably robotic but nonetheless immensely satisfying workout of Purpose with Phace and the hefty reese and rolling breaks of Running Blind, which brings back warm memories of the classic 2005 era neuro sound which made Noisia stars of the scene. Overall if you like it hard and heavy you can’t go wrong with the Dutch legends! The release is out now on Beatport and you can pre-order a rather deluxe 4xLP package direct from Noisia’s own store – watch out for this shipping later in the month.

Noisia – Hyenas / The Liquid [Vision]

Noisia’s Vision imprint has been relatively quiet since the release of The Upbeats excellent Primitive Technique (which has finally dropped on vinyl for the wax enthusiasts out there, incidentally). It seems the boys have been hard at work in the studio though, both on their I Am Legion collaboration and some new neurofunk masterworks. The label’s latest sees the dutch trio team up first with Calyx & Teebee for Hyenas and then with US hardstep dons Evol Intent for The Liquid.


Calyx & Teebee’s signature punchy sound shines through on the A side with intricate drum work and a catchy synth lead taking centre stage. Over on the flip EI’s knack for glitchy touches combines with some epic synth work and a truly monstrous bassline to create a tune that you can expect to hear rewound over and over again in the next few weeks. Huge just doesn’t even cover this!

Watch out for the release dropping exclusively via Beatport from October 7th with vinyl and other digital stores to follow on the 21st.

Noisia – Motorstorm Apocalypse

Noisia have been busy lately, with a massive pile of releases on their own labels and more. Not content with that, the Dutch trio have decided to give away 8 tracks they wrote for the Motorstorm Apocalypse soundtrack, absolutely free! Stream the tracks below or head over to their Facebook page to download them.