Premiere: Ahmad & Akinsa – Monolith

Vykhod Sily return with their third release and we’re hyped to have the premiere of Monolith! Written by two of the dark/minimal scene’s best producers, this one blends militant tribal drum rhythms with bleak atmospheres for a driving, dystopian vibe. Look for the release coming September 1st exclusively to Patreon subscribers.

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October Roundup

October has seen an unbelievably large amount of music land in the Dojo inbox, so we picked out our favourite of the pack of recent and shortly forthcoming releases. Read on for new beats from Seba, Stoner & Dotter Poison, Moresounds and more! Continue reading

Ahmad – X EP [Turbine Music]

If you’re looking for dark, threatening halftime beats then this one should make you feel warm and fuzzy in all the right places (or dark and threatened maybe, we’re not too certain on that one). Turbine Music’s latest comes from German producer Acid Lab’s Ahmad alias and it doesn’t get much grubbier than this!

As usual with the darker and less up front styles, the emphasis is on consistency and groove, with spooky pads, throbbing bass and crisp, echoing percussion fills characterising the tracks on the EP. A wide array of collaborators grace the different tracks but they maintain a nice consistency despite this. Fans of the likes of AMIT, None Decay and Red Army will definitely enjoy this! Check out the clips below and look for the EP at all good digital stores from September 4th.

Gremlinz & Ahmad – Nibiru / The Orchard [Paradox Music]

Paradox Music return with an unusual release – their first 12″ to feature music from artists other than Paradox since 2010’s PM020 (featuring Equinox on the flip). Toronto badman Gremlinz teams up with new name Ahmad to provide two rough and tough slices of dark jungle.

Nibiru gets straight down to business with heavy hitting breaks, meaty sub and old school stabs – this is a beat crafted via years worshipping at the school of Photek, positively oozing 90s D&B soul. Over on the flip The Orchard trades in the full tempo breaks for a kick driven half-time beat punctuated with distorted amens and reverb heavy toms, while bass growls and haunting synths slither in and out of the mix.

As usual the release will be available on a beautiful limited edition vinyl pressing and the standard digital formats – watch out for this one dropping from December 9th.