DLR – Standing in The Dark [Warm Communications]

DLR and Warm Communications are two names we can’t get enough of here at DNB Dojo; quality vibes pretty much every time from both parties, and the latest release is no different.

Standing In The Dark delivers a classic slice of DLR tech-funk, replete with funky drum breaks, satisfyingly warm basslines and crisp sonic details. Still Alive sees DLR on the collab mission once again, teaming up with M-Zine & Scepticz for a softer roller with a hint of dub and a generally laid-back vibe. Tasty stuff on both counts! Check out the clips below and grab this on vinyl or digital right now.

May Roundup

Time for another roundup of the best releases in the underground D&B scene; read on for new releases from Renegade Hardware, Flexout, Warm Communications, Invisible and more…

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February Roundup Part Two

Once again we’ve been inundated with quality music in the Dojo inbox and despite the bonus extra day February has vanished before we could write it all up! Here’s some coverage of the best of the rest including new music from Alix Perez & Ivy Lab, Calibre, Hanover, SCAR, Bone and more…

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October Roundup

October has seen an unbelievably large amount of music land in the Dojo inbox, so we picked out our favourite of the pack of recent and shortly forthcoming releases. Read on for new beats from Seba, Stoner & Dotter Poison, Moresounds and more! Continue reading

Altitude – Levitate / Falling [Warm Communications]

Warm Communications’ new digital only line of releases has seen the label kick into a higher gear in terms of frequency of releases but thankfully the quality on show remains completely undiminished, and that’s never been truer than on their latest single from Altitude.

Having previously released music with the likes of Fokuz & Prestige, Altitude’s style channels the influence of fellow Warm Comms producers like Seba to create rollers drenched in reverb and mystique in equal measure. From the more up-front and entirely hypnotic vibe of Levitate to the deep, floaty synths of Falling, this is sheer class from start to finish. There’s also some nice use of classic sampling on the B side, with the vocal from Soundsource’s Take Me Up (most famously used in Omni Trio’s legendary Renegade Snares) making an appearance.

This single sounds like a producer confidently entering their stride, and we can’t wait to hear what else Altitude has to come! Check out the clips below and look for this one at all digital stores right now.

Villem & McLeod – Ain’t No Way [Warm Communications]

Villem & McLeod continue their extremely fruitful collaborative efforts with a new selection for esteemed US imprint Warm Communications. Ain’t No Way builds the tension with lush but faintly ominous synths before an old school combo of big whomping bass and tough breaks kick the tune into orbit. Heft!

Make Tomorrow follows in the footsteps of Inner Revolution, showcasing the duo’s knack for crisp liquid rollers; soft piano, well articulated breaks and warm sub are the order of the day here, but the track is definitely far more than the sum of its parts. Last up, Saved You takes things grimey once again with a dark stepper to close the EP.

Neither Villem & McLeod nor Warm Comms have disappointed lately and this release is no different – look for it on 12″ (with the first 100 copies being white & red marbled) and digital from June 29th.

HLZ – Dying Memories / Duel [Warm Communications]

Warm Comms continue their impressive run of recent releases with two firing new beats from ex-Need For Mirrors member and general badman HLZ. The release shows a real knack for combining straight up D&B heft with more experimental influences as evidenced by the soaring guitar riffs of Dying Memories, bringing an element of prog rock to the tune against the backdrop of sub and breaks.

Duel meanwhile lives up to it’s name, conjuring up the image of some strange ethereal battle with the opposing forces swooping in and out of the stereo field, swiping at one another before disappearing back behind enemy lines. If anyone needed proof of the innovation present in D&B, this single should be ample evidence. Check out the clips below and look for this on vinyl and digital from April 20th.

Chorux – Polaris EP [Warm Communications]

We’ve long been fans of Warm Communications here at the Dojo; the label’s knack for releasing tracks which have dancefloor appeal without sacrificing musicality and soul is up there with the best of them, and their latest release from newcomer Chorux fits that mould perfectly.

Don’t Even Know brings together a soulful vocal and classic liquid piano chords with a tough break and growling bassline for some of that tech-with-soul/liquid-with-teeth that we love so much. Polaris keeps the beats chunky and the bass growling but swaps the melancholy piano for a manic, sweeping, bleeping lead. Hints of dub and a playful tone make this one stand out.

That playful theme continues on It’s All Happenning; this one’s a deep, wobbly roller that should move a floor without any bother. Away From The Light closes things out with plenty of cheeky back and forth between the shimmering lead and the wompy bassline, each element coming to the fore before rapidly running for the shadows once again.

We’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for more from Chorux in the future; check out the clips below and grab this one from your favourite digital store now!

Need For Mirrors – Verve [Warm Communications]

The latest release on esteemed US imprint Warm Communications comes from the ever reliable Need For Mirrors. Verve sees the London-based producer deliver a stomping slab of dancefloor tech with both eyes firmly on the dancefloor; crunchy breaks evoke the spirit of the 90s techstep golden era and the bass riff here is a pure head-nodder.

Berners Street Dub dials the agro back a couple of notches, heading for deep, subby territory with more classic D&B sounds updated for the modern generation. Finally Blue Go Purple chops up more crunchy breaks for a dark, angular stepper that has the warmth and fuzz which only analogue gear can produce. If you’re looking for super-clean mixdowns this might not be for you; if you want genuine music with a vibe then this should hit the spot! Check out the clips below and look for this one on vinyl and digital from Feb 9th.