December Roundup

Another month, another massive wealth of new drum & bass! We check out the best of the rest from Conduct, Skeptical, Benny L, Cybin and more… Continue reading

Consequence – Atrium / Box Rituals [Pushing Red]


US label Pushing Red continue their run of excellent house and techno releases with a new 12″ from Consequence (who fans of the deeper side of d&b should remember from his albums on dBridge’s Exit Records imprint). As we’ve come to expect from his releases, regardless of their specific style or tempo, the tunes are steeped in atmosphere and somehow always have that ‘Consequence’ sound.

A side Atrium kicks things off with an ever-so-slightly swung beat over a classic techno-bass groove, making great use of weird arpeggios and little details to give the track a really full sound while retaining that hypnotic effect that the best techno always achieves.

Over on the flip Box Rituals lays down a slightly more tribal beat, with an insistent kick drum layered behind a percussive smorgasbord, giving the beat heaps of texture. Soft pads combine with this more intricate beat to create a more ambient slice of music, and one you can easily lose yourself in for a few minutes.

Look out for this one dropping on March 3rd.

ASC – Proton/Electron [Pushing Red]

It’s always interesting to see what D&B artists can produce when they foray off into other genres, and few do so as often as the prolific ASC. When he’s not exploring the possibilities at 170BPM he’s been known to dabble in ambient, dubstep and techno. His latest work for US label Pushing Red sees him exploring the latter, with warm low end and insistent four to the floor beats being the order of the day.

Both tracks see rich, textured explorations of the classic techno build-ups and breakdowns that fans of the genre will be familiar with, and the ever-so-slightly sci-fi sounding synths combine well with the methodical drum lines to produce a seriously hypnotic effect. Check out the tunes below and look out for the release on digital and vinyl on Jan 28th.