Dead Man’s Chest – Trilogy [Ingredients]

Eveson’s retro jungle alias Dead Man’s Chest returns to Ingredients with more crusty break chopping vibes, 90s style. The aptly named Trilogy is available as a double-sided cassette mix featuring material from his initial trilogy of EPs alongside six previously unheard dubs, which Ingredients have also dropped on three new limited edition 10″ singles.

Fans of the project will know exactly what to expect; crunchy jungle breaks, deliberately rough and ready mixdowns, psychedelic textures and more than a few nods to the iconic era of jungle and hardcore. As with previous releases, the new material on the Trilogy Dubs 12″s varies in tone. Fade Away and Fresh Nation draw on classic dub elements, Open Your Eyes and Rinsa feel darker and more break-focussed while Tears (Fantazia Version) is blissed-out rave euphoria at its finest.

Alex’s knack for capturing what made early rave music so special is definitely still present here, so if you’ve enjoyed the first three EPs as much as we have this is essential listening. What remains unclear is whether Trilogy marks the end of the Dead Man’s Chest project, or just the end of chapter one; time will tell. Check out the new Trilogy Dubs below and hit up Beatport to grab a digital copy of the mix. If you’re keen for a copy of the cassette or the 10″ singles, time to start scouring Discogs

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Dead Man’s Chest – Nautilus EP [Ingredients]

We really enjoyed Eveson’s previous jungle explorations under the Dead Man’s Chest alias so news of a second EP (and indeed a third to come) was met with enthusiasm here at Dojo HQ.

The sound he pioneered on the Dreamscapes EP is very much continued here, with more crusty breaks, old school-style sampling and an open minded approach to musical textures. The whole thing plays like a love letter to the scene that Eveson experienced through his treasured collection of rave mixtapes. Liquid ’94 provides a perfect example, keeping things airy and almost ethereal in the first half before flipping round for an entirely darkside bassline on the second drop; an appropriate homage to the shifting tones of the original jungle raves.

The freedom and experimentation of early 90s dance music is present, with less concern for the rigid formulas that can make modern D&B a little sterile. The mixdowns too, punchy though they are have that warmth, crackle and general imperfection that is sorely missing from the perfectly engineered electronic music of today.

Overall it’s another thoroughly enjoyable selection, and we’re looking forward to the next volume already! Watch out for the release dropping on beautiful marbled vinyl (and digital) from August 7th, and if you can’t wait hit the Ingredients Store for preorders.

If you want a bit more from Dead Man’s Chest be sure to check out his latest mix to promote the release. Tracks from both EPs appear alongside classic selections from J Majik, Doc Scott, Dillinja and Omni Trio, and the results are absolutely delicious.

Dead Man’s Chest – Dreamscapes EP [Ingredients]

Ingredients latest release sees Eveson unveiling his new Dead Man’s Chest project and dropping the tempo to the distinctly old school 160BPM region for a four track EP of future jungle shenanigans. Combining the old school bass and breaks of the early 90s jungle sound with modern production techniques and the talent for melody and composition Eveson’s fans already love, the EP is an exciting new direction and something I definitely hope to hear more of next year.

The tracks accomplish to blend influences from jazz, ambient, dub, liquid and who knows what else into a hypnotic, psychedelic jungle stew that draws you in to its warm sonic temptations with ease. Check out the clips below and watch out for the release dropping from December 8th.