Horizons 10 [Horizons Music]

Horizons Music celebrate 10 years in the game with an excellent new compilation featuring 14 fresh cuts from names that will be familiar to anyone who’s been following the label in recent times. The compilation takes a look back at the label’s very first release, with Jubei and Amoss both turning in remixes of Skitty’s 10 Steps, but for the most part they’re looking forward with new material from some of the best names in the scene.

It’s difficult to pick highlights from such a strong selection, but a few stand out from the pack. Silent Witness brings a perfectly balanced combination of melodic elements and rolling, dancefloor tech on Fields, Amoss explore their deeper side on the subby liquid of Piano Licks and DLR turns in a trademark chunky stepper on Outta Time. The whole LP is well worth a listen, so check out the clips below and head to your favourite outlet to grab this on CD, vinyl or digital now!

Digital – Deathwish EP [Horizons Music]

Digital returns to Horizons (after his rather excellent Figjam EP) with a fresh EP of deep 170BPM explorations. Deathwish kicks things off with a deep, dubby slice of tribal halfstep, while My World changes track, taking things in a minimal, almost liquid direction.

Damage sees Outrage joining Digital in the studio for a dangerous slice of break chopping and old school synth work, providing the EP’s most obviously dancefloor focussed track. Joker sees regular partner in crime Spirit in for the collab, blending acid synths, frantic syncopations and dubby echoes over a solid backbone of bass. Last but not least, Cold Case takes things dark and minimal for a moody close to the release.

As usual Digital is bringing the vibes! Check out the clips below and head to the Horizons store to grab this on vinyl now, with digital to follow shortly.

SCAR – Fair Game / Later [Horizons]

SCAR follow up their epic debut for Dispatch Recordings with another pair of finely crafted slices of dark techstep for Horizons Music. Fair Game goes in with a rolling break and big, warm bass swells and a hint of wobble in the modulation…definitely one for the steady skanking crew.

Over on the flip Later kicks things off with echoing chords and weird squelchy samples before hitting down with massive bass stabs and a rough break which brings to mind the classic era of hard hitting techstep from the early 2000s.

You can pick up advance white labels of this from the Horizons Shop now – eyes peeled for general release over the next few weeks.

Dream Thief 4 LP [Horizons]

Horizons gear up to launch the 4th in their varied Dream Thief LP series, featuring a selection of cuts from the extended label family crossing the styles of drum & bass. Highlights include Amoss’ excellent MC led stepper Bleed It, DLR’s melodic yet techy Trading Places and the percussive intricacies of The Shield from Gremlinz & Rumbleton.

Elsewhere on Detail delivers possibly the most innovative track in the collection with his sublimely creepy Human Trust; glitchy percussion, deft sub throbs and some fantastic atmospherics combine to create a brilliant slice of leftfield 170. Finally for those who like a bit of deep liquid there are some nicely polished cuts from Eveson, Naibu and Nitri.

Vinyl lovers will find the LP available as a 4 track sampler and a further 8 track LP collection, while the digital buyers amongst you will be able to grab the files from all the usual sources. Check out a selection of the tracks below and head to the Horizons Store for previews of the rest and to buy your copy!

Dabs – Skull & Bones / Hourglass [Horizons]

Dabs steps up with some seriously deep beats for his latest release on Horizons. Skull & Bones combines a creepy rasta vocal from MC Kwality with intricate, tribal percussion and what sounds like a sitar sample to create a creepy, cinematic vibe that could just as easily be used to soundtrack a ritualistic movie scene as to large up the dance.

Over on the flip Hourglass changes it up, teaming up with Mortem and keeping the beat rolling but muted on more of a deep liquid tip. Harmonic chimes sit delicately in the mix alongside soulful echo’d vocals and an insistent bass growl that gives the tune teeth without overpowering it.

Grab this now on advance white label from the Horizons shop and look out for the full digital/vinyl release later in the month.

In The Mix…Hydro

To celebrate his forthcoming 12″ with War and Mateba for Horizons sub-label Inside, Hydro has put together a tidy wee mix for the horizons podcast series. Full of deep, dark, tribal beats, atmospheric sound design and tasty new dubplates, this is definitely one for the heads. Check out the mix below and watch out for the Black Light 12″ dropping soon (or grab yourself a white label test press here).

Amoss – Bumbaclart / Dilate [Horizons]

It’s been a few months since the last Amoss releases dropped but far from slacking off it seems the boys have been busy in the studio knocking up some characteristically dark beats. Both Bumbaclart and Dilate showcase the stripped back style we’ve come to know and love from the duo, kicking in with crisp, tribal drum lines and tons of sub. Minimal, atmospheric and powerful, these are beats for the drum & bass connoisseur.

As if that wasn’t enough Andy and James have also recorded the latest Horizons Music podcast which features new cuts from Hybris, Fearful and Fracture alongside their new beats for Horizons and some amusing patter to boot. Check out the podcast below and grab the single on promo from the Horizons store.

Command Strange – Hyperbug / Regrets [Horizons]

Kazakhstan may seem like an unlikely place for a prolific D&B producer to be based, but it hasn’t stopped the inimitable Command Strange from chalking up a ridiculously large discography over the past few years, on prestigious labels like Fokuz and Metalheadz Platinum. 2013 seems likely to see a slew more top notch releases, and among the first is a tidy little 12″ for Horizons.

A side Hyperbug sees the man from ‘stan bringing the dancefloor vibes with a dark stepper that features some nice jungle-tinged breakbeat fills but for me it’s all about the soulful, melancholy atmosphere of Regrets on the flip. Beautiful piano melodies and echoing vocal cut ups combine with a dark bass that gives the track enough edge to avoid formulaic liquid territory. One for the deep selectors.

To celebrate the release Command Strange has also recorded the latest episode of the Horizons podcast, which you can check out (and download for free) below. Grab the release from the Horizons shop, out now!

Naibu – Fall EP [Horizons]

I’ve long been a fan of Horizons for a number of reasons; their commitment to vinyl releases certainly endears them to me, but above all it’s the desire to release drum and bass which isn’t solely aimed at the dancefloor. Music that works as well in your bedroom as it does in a club, and music that is charged with emotion.

Their latest release from Naibu hits the spot in that regard, delivering some deep, melancholy sounds. Opener Just Like You sets the pace with skittering drums, soft pads and a warm vocal from Key. The EP heads for slightly darker territory with Nothing Special and continues to waver between beautiful and brooding from track to track to great effect.

Sadly nearly half the tracks have yet to be previewed publicly (such as the excellent Autumn Comes) but I can leave you with the last track on the EP, a typically classy and well engineered remix from Break. Watch out for previews of the rest of the tracks on the Horizons soundcloud page and look out for the release on three 10″ vinyls on March 11th.