Exclusive: H20 DnB – Winter

We’ve got an exclusive free download for you today courtesy of H20 DnB, who serves up a wicked slice of deep, melancholy vibe. Soft melody and choppy jungle breaks make for a tune that is simple, elegant and beautiful. Wicked stuff. Check it out below and hit up Soundcloud or Google Drive for a download.

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Premiere: Science of Man – Second Look

We’ve been really overwhelmed here at DNB Dojo by the outpouring of support across the DNB Scene at this time of crisis; it’s absolutely heartwarming to see the scene coming together to try and do some good and help those who really need it. Today’s premiere comes from Science of Man, who contributes a beautiful deep liquid roller to Rebel Music’s Rebel One LP. All proceeds from the LP will go to the NHS Charities Together fund to help in the fight against Coronavirus, so hit up their Bandcamp and give what you can; the album is out today.

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Premiere: Sotus – Gloom

re:st are back with another deep vinyl release and this time it’s Sotus taking control. Title track Gloom is in the Dojo spotlight today…building up with melancholy atmospheres and intricate drum work before progressing to darker bass textures on the second drop. Really unusual sound on this one and a haunting vibe…this ships April 15th from the re:st store and other vinyl retailers.

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Premiere: rOhmz – Vagarious

Greazus’ label Aufect are back in our spotlight today with a beautiful new tune from fellow Canadian producer rOhmz. Combining a deft sense of melody and melancholy with a keen ear for sound design, Vagarious contrasts deep wobbly sub with quirky percussion and soft, hypnotic hints of piano and synth. Think Tokyo Prose crossed with Kimyan Law, and worthy of those comparisons! Look out for this coming Aug 30th at all good stores.

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Premiere: SYK – Fatality

Deep liquid business on today’s premiere as French duo SYK land on new Bristol label A R Records! While the EP showcases a variety of tones including more gritty tech-driven beats, Fatality is a calibre-esque soft roller with melancholy piano and an ease of spirit; more Sunday afternoon pints than Saturday night rave-out. Check it out below and look for the EP at all good digital stores from June 9th.

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Premiere: Robustus – NYC

Our latest exclusive comes courtesy of Swiss powerhouse Demand Records! Taken from the second volume of their rather tasty Requisites EP series, Bulgarian producer Robustus serves up a wicked roller combining melancholy piano leads with rolling breaks and just enough grit in the bassline for that sweet spot of edge and soul. Requisites #2 is out on Friday; hit up the Demand Store to grab a copy on vinyl and keep your eyes on the usual digital outlets for the virtual copy.

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Q&A – BRKCHK [Multilux]

BRKCHK is an artist that first came to our ears via an excellent release for Quentin Hiatus’ Free Love Digi imprint, and the same emotional resonance which made that EP so special is more than evident on his latest release for his own Multilux imprint. Following on from our last chat back in 2014, we caught up with Jacob to find out about the story of long lost EP God’s Not Listening, the meaning in his music and the state of D&B in 2017. Check it out!

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Premiere: Need For Mirrors & Phil Tangent – Polaroid

We’ve got a very special exclusive from scene stalwarts Need For Mirrors and Phil Tangent today as we present the premiere of the lead track from their new EP for CIA Deepkut, ‘Polaroid’! Shimmering pads, simple breaks and a memorable vocal sample make for a blissful deep liquid jam; perfect Sunday listening.

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Premiere: D Flect – After Rain

Today’s premiere comes from Dojo favourite D Flect and UK/NL label Silent Audio. Taken from the Occlusion LP, After Rain sees D Flect going in deep on a crisp and melancholy roller led by soft strings and light-touch piano. Vibes! Look for the LP at all good digital stores from Jan 17th; pre-orders are live now at Beatport, Juno and iTunes.

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Dom & Roland – Last Refuge of a Scoundrel [Metalheadz]

Where do you go when you’ve been a mainstay of the D&B scene for twenty years, with six albums already under your belt and a back catalogue spanning Moving Shadow, Renegade Hardware, your own immensely successful imprint and plenty more?

If your name is Dominic Angas aka Dom & Roland, you head into the studio and write possibly your best album yet for none other than the mighty Metalheadz. As one of few labels with both the pedigree and the reputation to match Dom himself, we can’t think of a more perfect home for Dom’s work, and anyone who’s heard Goldie hyping the album over the last year will know they feel exactly the same way.

There’s always the risk with any album from a producer this established that the results will prove either too far from their style or too close to it, but thankfully the line trodden on the enigmatically titled Last Refuge of a Scoundrel sits perfectly within these boundaries; recognisably Dom, but pushing his style in new and intriguing directions. Those new directions are found most prominently on vocal tracks Sacrifice and Sirens Song, featuring Natalie Duncan and Robert Manos respectively. Both tracks blend Dom’s talent for heavy hitting, detailed percussion with a softer and more melodic side lent from the immensely talented singers he’s recruited, and they make a welcome change from the instrumentals of the rest of the LP.

That’s not to say in the slightest that said instrumentals become tedious; from classic Dom smashers like Tone Poem, Steam and Hive collab DMT through the hip-hop infused vibe of King of the Hustlers and out into more playful tracks like A New Renegade, there’s plenty of variety and every track is presented with that match of precision and scuzz that makes the Metalheadz output some of the best in the scene. The layers of drum distortion and bassline growl on even the lighter tracks give this a punky edge that ultra-clean modern mixdowns so often lack, and that’s just the icing on a very, very delicious cake. Check out the clips below and hit up the ‘headz store to grab the LP on vinyl, CD or digital now.