December Roundup

Another month, another massive wealth of new drum & bass! We check out the best of the rest from Conduct, Skeptical, Benny L, Cybin and more… Continue reading

Vince Grain – Roswell Eyewitness Remixes [AutomAte]

The producers amongst you may already be aware of the recent AutomAte remix competition run in conjunction with Sample Genie. Well the results are in, and the release is almost upon us! Both remixes capture the gloom and atmospherics of the original but switch the vibe up significantly in the percussion, with Insect opting for a plethora of high precision individual drum hits while Immersion & Cypher’s mix opts for more rolling, funk-break style drum lines.

As usual this will be available via all good digital outlets – check out the clips and watch for the release from March 2nd.

Vince Grain – Nyctophilia / Drones Over Berlin [AutomAte Deep]

Vince Grain returns to AutomAte for the latest release on their deep imprint with a couple of dark, weighty beats. Nyctophilia (that’s an abnormal preference for night over day, for the uninitiated) combines deep sub pressure and a plodding half-time beat with beautiful melodic flourishes sampled from a Japanese Koto.

Drones Over Berlin meanwhile opens up with dark, atmospheric synth work and before dropping into a grinding bassline and another plodding half-time riddim; after a few bars this gives way to a full tempo break filled in with an assortment of distorted amens and deft percussive touches. The beauty of the A side is entirely eschewed here in favour of relentless gloom, and it works a treat!

Check out the clips below and watch out for this one dropping from June 2nd at all good digital outlets.

Depth of Vision EP Vol. 1 [Automate]

Automate return with another quality release, this time bringing together four tracks from a selection of up and coming producers. Opening the EP, D.R.O.P.S. deliver a moody techstep roller with a hint of the Critical sound to it, characterised by a crisp break and a restrained yet edgy bassline. Vince Grain steps in next with a stepper that’s all in the percussion, deep leftfield vibes on this track.

Over in the back in the back end of the release Protocol gives us the reverb drenched sounds of Chromatic, a tune packed full of atmosphere and some nicely modulated bass synths. Finally Ruffie closes the show with the tribal, skittering sounds of Refugee. Watch out for the EP dropping on August 5th.