Bop – Untitled Patterns EP1 [Med School]

When it comes to true scene originators, Bop stands among a privileged few. As the chief architect of the ‘microfunk’ sound, he’s constantly found new and exciting ways to explore his unique corner of the 170BPM sound. His latest EP for Med School continues that proud tradition, melting down all manner of unusual influences, stirring in a healthy dose of signature sound and serving it up for the world to hear.

The EP opener (Untitled Pattern 52, not that the track names mean much) is as close to a traditional D&B roller as you’re going to get here; Bop’s inimitable percussive style is still present, but set to a 2-step pattern that serves as the backbone for rich synth progressions. Pattern 51 meanwhile combines classic jungle breaks with glitchy drum hits for a bouncy, exuberant clash of the retro and the modern.

Pattern 54 amps up the energy, drawing inspiration from the likes of Rockwell with a garage-infused four to the floor drum line pelting on at full D&B tilt. Maximum rave! Last but by no means least, Pattern 55 dials it back with dubby echoes and a lilting, swung beat for an appropriately serene outro.

Another cracking EP from a producer with an apparently limitless creative streak. Check out the clips below and grab it from your favourite store now.

Premiere: Dan Guidance – The Two Of Us

We’ve got an uplifting liquid rollout on today’s premiere as we present the exclusive on a brand new track from Dan Guidance. Forthcoming on Athens imprint Liquid Drops, The Two Of Us brings together tight breaks, soaring melodies and a soft female vocal for that timeless liquid sound. Pure euphoria. Look for this one coming on a massive new EP at all good digital outlets March 10th.

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dgoHn – So Be It, Lumbricina [Love Love Records]

Jungle heads rejoice; dgoHn returns to Love Love for another wicked EP of choppy breakbeat goodness this month. Title track So Be It Lumbricina combines the breakbeat chaos of harder edged jungle with softer elements of drumfunk and ambient D&B for a wonderful montage of the hectic and the serene. Dooky meanwhile takes things in a creepier direction, eerie key chimes and unusual samples lending the track a faintly haunted vibe. Both tracks bring to mind vintage tracks by the likes of DJ Trax and Paradox, but filtered through a jungle/breakcore sensibility for that extra edge on the beats.

Last but by no means least, Rognvald is on hand to remix the title track, amping up the break chopping even further for an absolutely full-tilt, face-melting assault of snare rolls and rapidfire drum glitches. Serious danger on this one. As always you can grab this one direct from the source via the Love Love Bandcamp. Do it!

DNB Dojo Podcast #16 – Feb 2018

Hex returns to the Dojo decks with another full-spectrum D&B selection! New beats inside from Insomniax, Revaux, Out of Fuel, Midik, Om Unit and tons more…check it!

As always you can check out the podcast via Soundcloud below or head to Youtube or iTunes to stream. You can also grab a download from Google Drive.

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Premiere: HNGVR – People Have The Power

Today’s exclusive comes from the debut release on US imprint Samsara Beats, as they open their salvo with a massive compilation entitled Syncopation. Focused on halftime D&B, juke and footwork-jungle, the label are keen to explore the more experimental end of the 170 sound and this track from label boss HNGVR definitely fits that mode! Combining slow and fast, dark and bright, energetic and chill, this is an interesting sonic beast and a compelling listen; check it out and watch for the full LP coming March 16th.

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Premiere: Kolectiv, MEDIKA & Kyrist – Think About The Future

A mega production team-up on our latest exclusive as we present the premiere of Think About The Future. Taken from the forthcoming Ill Truth Presents Volume One LP for Lockdown Recordings, the track sees London trio Kolectiv teaming up with Bristol heads MEDIKA and Kyrist for a deep, dark slice of tech-edged D&B; seriously moody vibes on this one. Look for the album dropping Feb 26th exclusively on Beatport with other outlets coming two weeks later.

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Premiere: Monika – Double Down

We’ve been big fans of Monika’s music ever since we heard his early output for Ingredients, so we’re extremely pleased to serve up the premiere of one of his new beats for Soulvent! Double Down showcases the man’s talent for hypnotic melodies and crispy breakbeats, evolving from a low start into chaotic amens and increasingly rapid lead flourishes. Sick! Look for this one dropping Friday 23rd via all the usual outlets.

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DNB Dojo Mix Series 64: Vortex

We’re hyped to welcome Canadian D&B foursome Vortex to the Dojo decks for our latest exclusive mix! With an LP dropping on Deviant Audio next week and a ton of beats in the works, the super team of Stranjah, Groves, Captivate and David Louis are set for a big 2018.

For their Dojo mix the guys have dished up a selection of 100% original material from the Vortex project and their solo aliases, including tons of cuts from the Flow State LP and a handful of dubs to boot. Sick! As always you can check out the mix via Soundcloud below or head to Youtube or iTunes to stream. You can also grab a download from Google Drive.

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Xorcore – Number Stations LP [Rekkt]

Israeli producer Xorcore is back this month with his first LP release for Rekkt Rekkords, and the release features a great selection of tech-edged D&B and a couple of tidy remixes to boot.

Struct kicks things off with the album’s heaviest track, laying down a dangerous neuro banger, but Dead Zone immediately switches things up with hypnotic synth lines and deep sub bass; moody roller vibes. Other highlights include the glitch and IDM influenced later tracks Out of the Machine and That’s All, both of which show a talent for complex arrangements and sonic detail.

Number Stations is a powerful statement of intent from a young producer with plenty to offer the scene. The LP is out on Feb 14th; hit up Beatport to pre-order the album now.

Premiere: Telomic – Control (Revaux Remix)

Revaux are at the controls for today’s exclusive as they serve up a dirty tech remix of Telomic’s Control. Swapping the subtle rolling vibes of the original for a harder hitting arrangement, this one has grit, depth and more than enough heft for the dancefloor. Look for this alongside remixes from Aperio, Victim & Akomplis exclusively at Beatport from today, with other stores following on the 23rd.

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