Premiere: Telomic – Control (Revaux Remix)

Revaux are at the controls for today’s exclusive as they serve up a dirty tech remix of Telomic’s Control. Swapping the subtle rolling vibes of the original for a harder hitting arrangement, this one has grit, depth and more than enough heft for the dancefloor. Look for this alongside remixes from Aperio, Victim & Akomplis exclusively at Beatport from today, with other stores following on the 23rd.

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Revaux – Frostbite EP [Lifestyle]

We’ve been keeping an eye on Revaux for the last couple of years since hearing their releases for Slinkie Music and more recently Authentic, so naturally we were excited to hear their latest offerings for London’s Lifestyle Music!

The Frostbite EP keeps it punchy and concise, showcasing the Revaux sound across three new tracks. The material definitely keeps things dancefloor friendly but manages to retain a keen balance of atmosphere and melody alongside the rolling beats and bass heft; faceless throwaway fodder this is not. From the detailed punch of Head First through the deeper and more melodic Frostbite and out into the gut punching bass of Stand Off, Revaux are on fine form here!

It’s always a pleasure to hear dancefloor D&B with crisp sound design and at least a smidgen of soul, and that’s exactly what’s on offer here. Check out the clips below and hit up your favourite digital store to grab the EP now!

Art of Deception LP [Authentic Music]

Authentic Music are now well and truly back; after a lengthy hiatus from releasing music and a couple of retrospective EP releases, the Czech label returns proper this month with a various artists LP in the form of Art of Deception.

It’s worth noting at this point that I’m not a big fan of compilation LPs. Certain labels have taken in recent years to releasing ever bigger and bigger albums packed with twenty, thirty or even forty tunes loosely bound by rough subgenre and largely lacking in vision or purpose; sure, there are often some good tracks to be found, but who wants to listen through dozens of beats to find the gems? Quality before quantity should be the maxim, but more and more in this ADHD digital age that maxim is being ignored.

Enter Authentic Music, a label that has always striven to provide that all important quality. In the three and a half years of its existence, the imprint has moved slowly but steadily, releasing only tracks which pass the tests of both production sheen and innovation, and thankfully that ethos hasn’t changed for their latest outing.

The slightly old school approach shines through in the release of samplers, a-la vinyl LPs of yesteryear; there might not be wax in the offing, but a handful of tracks have been selected from the main body to lead the pack, and in that fine tradition of samplers they feature some of the LP’s strongest material, with remixes from A-Cray and ArpXP sitting alongside originals from Revaux and Kusp.

Tone-wise most of the album holds true to the Authentic aesthetic; techy vibes fit for the dancefloor but featuring strong sound design and enough of an experimental edge not to be forgettable club fodder. There are some surprises to be found too such as Revaux’s uplifting remix of Mr. Magician and the playful rolling melodies of Dephzac’s sublime Sum Is Wrong.

I could spend time picking out favourites from the selection but with the quality so high you’re better off just listening for yourself. Wicked vibes through and through; hit up Beatport to grab the lot right now.

The Stairs EP [Slinkie Music]


Nottingham label Slinkie Music caught our ear previously with Revaux’s Titan EP but the crew have been pretty quiet since then. Thankfully they’ve broken their silence with a brand new EP featuring three new tracks from bright new producers.

Revaux leads the EP with the grimey vibes of Peeper. There’s some serious menace on this track, not least in the distorted amens found in the second half of the tune. Gunfingers at the ready!

The rest of the EP features worthy house and techno flavours from Elabor8 and Pender Road, the latter providing a cheeky slab of acid influenced techno that definitely floats our boat. Check out the clips below and grab this one from your favourite digital outlet right now.

Revaux – Titan EP [Slinkiemusic]

It’s always a pleasure to be introduced to new artists and labels and Revaux’s latest release landing in the inbox did just that. Dropping soon via slinkiemusic Titan showcases dancefloor sensibilities and attention to detail in ample measure while Odyssey heads for deeper territory, keeping it soft and melodic on the intro before sliding into a rhythmic beats and bass workout featuring tight, intricate percussion and plenty of sub bass.

A couple of new names to keep an eye on then! Check out the clips below and watch out for the release dropping July 11th at all good digital outlets.