Lockjaw – Human Research LP [Locked Concept]

It’s always exciting to see what an artist will do with the breadth of a full album, especially an artist who has been pushing the envelope as consistently as Lockjaw. In this case, the answer would be “a lot”; the Australian neurofunk producer has sidestepped the trap of producing twelve entirely-too-similar bangers and conjured a varied selection, while maintaining a coherent sonic identity and tone – no mean feat!

There are certainly a couple of more obvious modern neuro number in the form of title track Human Research and Current Value collab Passing, though both are interesting and impeccably engineered. Elsewhere though there are bizarre angular rhythms, jacking neuro-house, liquid-esque emotional rollers and cinematic, downtempo soundscape explorations. From dark and nasty to effortlessly effervescent, Human Research takes you on a journey through the vivid musical imagination of Lockjaw, and it’s a journey we’d thoroughly recommend you take.

The Human Research LP is out now on Locked Concept; check out the clips below and hit up Bandcamp to grab a copy now!

Current Value – Scalar EP [31 Recordings]

News that Current Value would be dropping an EP on Doc Scott’s much revered 31 Recordings imprint came as something of a surprise. For all that 31 has showcased dancefloor tunes over the years as well as deeper fare, they’ve certainly never been known for the abrasive, hyper-technical sounds which have characterised most of Mr Value’s recent output.

Perhaps it is to be expected then that the Scalar EP sees Current Value showcasing his softer side, though that’s not to say he’s betrayed his roots and put out an EP of liquid groovers. The tracks on show here almost sound like CV remixes of deep rollers; the trademark precision percussion is there, and there’s certainly some bassline grit, but there are also lush pads, and a general air of reservation. If the average Current Value tune is up at 11 on the energy scale, these ones weigh in more in the 6-7 range.

The resulting aesthetic makes for some of the most interesting material the German producer has come out with in recent times, with more emphasis on contrasting sonic elements and interesting grooves. The atmospherics in particular are top notch, particularly on EP highlights Bigger Picture and Reconsider. Here’s hoping Current Value decides to give us more of these delicate compositions in future! The Scalar EP drops May 5th; hit up the 31 Store to grab it on vinyl or digital.

Premiere: Current Value – Capsule (Dean Rodell Remix)

Current Value brings his distinctive style of hard edged neurofunk to Othercide Records with some help from friends in the scene and we’ve got the exclusive on the slamming Dean Rodell remix of Capsule! Modern D&B production blends with classic early 2000s Techno-D&B with hypnotic synths, rolling riddims and serious bassline action. Sick!

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Q&A – Jef Methlab

With a fresh compilation EP dropping on Bad Taste today and a host of new ventures recently announced, Methlab continue to make powerful moves in the neurofunk world. To find out more we grabbed the agency boss Jef and Kloe from Bad Taste Recordings for a chat about why he started Methlab, collaborating with Bad Taste and his thoughts on the neuro scene today. Check it out…

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Dojo Damager: Current Value – Biocellulose LP

We’ve got a Damager special this week, taking a break from our usual single track selection to take a look at Current Value’s new LP for Critical Music, Biocellulose.

As you’d expect from one of the brightest talents in the scene and an alumni of the likes of Blackout Music, the engineering and technicality on show here is of a ridiculously high standard, but that’s not what makes the album stand out from the mass of high sheen but ultimately cookie-cutter neurofunk available in 2016.

The atmospherics and sound design detail are what really make this album shine; from the majestic synth intro of Phace collab Thump, through the eerie bleep-led buildup of Footwork and into the technoid strains of Vigilant Minds, there are so many fantastic sonic elements in Biocellulose to contrast and complement the stomping beats and basslines. Heft, sure, but with a side helping of beauty and intrigue.

Asides from recruiting Phace and Mefjus for a collab each, Critical have also grabbed some tasty remixes; Enei delivers a tough, rolling take on the savage Jump while Anode takes the angular danger of Pneumatics and flips it round into a Raiden-esque techo-D&B roller of impressive relentlessness. Overall it’s a wicked album and ample proof that dancefloor neurofunk can still hold hidden depths. Check out the clips below and hit up the Critical Store to grab a copy now!

Dojo Damager: Current Value & Maztek – Feedback Echo

When names as big as Current Value & Maztek join forces for the first time you know the results will be special! Their collaborative efforts just dropped on Subsistenz in the form of the fearsome sounds of Feedback Echo, and it’s every bit as gnarly as you’d expect. Keeping the beats fairly sparse to give the throbbing, morphing bassline room, this one should induce more than a few bassfaces on the dancefloor. Danger! Check out the clip below and hit up Beatport to grab it right now.

Dojo Damager: Current Value – Pulverized

To say that Current Value has a pedigree in the hard D&B scene is something of an understatement; the German producer has been knocking the fuck out of sound systems worldwide for almost two decades and judging by his latest work for BSE’s Blackout imprint he’s in no danger of losing his touch.

Our pick of his latest EP for this week’s Dojo Damager is the appropriately punishing Pulverized. Bringing together a classic technoid bleep melody with savage bassline pressure and a relentless drum line, this tune does exactly what it says on the tin. Ooooooft!

MachineCode – Airlock EP [Subsistenz]

MachineCode (aka Current Value & Subsistenz boss Dean Rodell) are back with another EP of tough edged, technoid D&B blending the groove of hard techno with the savage bass of neurofunk. The tracks on show here are all pretty belting but the rapid fire stabs and intense build up of Forward Gravity mark it out as the Dojo favourite. Check the clips below and grab this one from all good stores now!

Current Value – Stay On This Planet [Subsitenz]

Those who like their Drum & Bass hard and nasty should already be familiar with Current Value; the German producer has been belting out rugged Hardstep for the likes of Position Chrome, Evol Intent Recordings, Barcode, Offkey and Tech Freak since the late 90s and shows no sign of slowing down! Most recently he’s gained some exposure for his excellent remixes of Noisia’s Soul Purge and various tunes from Bjork’s Biophilia project, not to mention his collaborations with Dean Rodell as Machinecode.

His seventh LP release for Berlin based Subsitenz sees him dialling the aggression back ever so slightly compared to some of his more brutal releases, but make no mistake, the album still has more than enough edge. Highlights include the savage modulated tearout bass of The Arrival, the robotic technoid of Weirdo and the mutant drumstep of the titular Stay On This Planet. If ever evidence was needed that hard D&B can still have plenty of depth and variety, this album provides it in ample quantity.

You can hear a number of tracks from the album in Current Value’s latest Subcase mix below, and the album drops on vinyl, CD and digital from September 2nd.