Jazzatron – Urto EP [Alchemic Breaks]

Alchemic Breaks present their 5th release from Italian producers Jazzatron, who dish up a tasty little EP of varied delights. Urto keeps things relatively conventional, dishing up a solid slice of techstep with some nice percussive details, but this is just an entrée for the main course coming up.

Come Quick should prove a win for fans of the jungle tinged sound, harnessing classic breaks and ethereal pads for a bit of a retro-modern vibe, bringing tons of character to the tune. Our favourite here at the Dojo though is the chopped up percussion assault of Juke/Footwork influenced Just Jukking. Fantastic rhythm and low end scuzz…yes please.

Check out the clips below and look for this one dropping August 22nd.

Brandon Miles & Tricky Pat – Crazy Pills EP [Faded Music]

US duo Brandon Miles & Tricky Pat bring their experimental stylings to Faded Music with a four track EP of genre-bending 85/170BPM business. Hints of IDM, hip-hop, jungle, juke and a general taste for all things ravey have been chucked into the sonic blender and the results are chaotic, unpredictable and generally really good fun.

Particular highlights come on the sludged-out, crunked up, gurn-inducingly bassy halftime hip-hop of Get Em’ and the irresistibly hyperactive rave-up of Memory Shot. Check out the clips below and grab the release from your favourite digital store right now!

Mutated Forms – Eighty Six EP [Pilot]

Estonian trio Mutated Forms live up to their name with a truly wonky take on the 170 sound. From the frenetic footwork/grime crossover of Tension (featuring Manchester MCs Virus Syndicate) through the mutant rave/trap/drumstep beats of Swamp and out into the hip-hop influence of Blop, these beats should challenge listeners and DJs alike.

Have a listen to the clips and watch out for the release dropping via Pilot Records from September 23rd.

Dawn Day Night – Re-Animations EP [Astrophonica]

Dawn Day Night (still unidentified but widely presumed to be Fracture working under an alias) drops his second EP for Astrophonica, bringing us four tracks of weird and wonderful electronica spanning tempos, styles and influences.

Re-Animation of Scottie kicks things off deep and dubby, keeping the tempo half-time and rolling out with mountains of sub and crisp percussion. Hold That Leg Up proceeds to change things up, immediately heading for pretty silly ghetto-tech territory. It’s definitely the most booty-shakin’ tune on the record, but it feels shallow compared to the rest of the material on show.

Mister Meanie makes exceptionally good use of old funk/soul sampling layered over hyper-syncopated footwork riddims, creating serious groove. Finally Higher Plains heads back to deep territory, with more dub-infused vibes; all echo, reverb and bass. Check out the beats below and grab your copy on vinyl or digital now!

Spectrasoul – Delay No More – The Remixes [Shogun Audio]

Spectrasoul - Delay No More - The Remixes

Shogun bring us another eclectic selection of remixes, this time of tracks from Spectrasoul’s recent LP Delay No More. dBridge delivers a respectable leftfield 170 rework of Momento with some nice filtering on the main break and James Zabiela delivers an appropriately catchy house reflex of The Curb, but ultimately the highlights are found in the other remixes on show.

DLR turns in a tidy remix of Sometimes We Lie, fusing the soulful elements of the original with a beat and bassline combo that’s techy enough to move a floor without overpowering the tune. Next up the ever innovative Rockwell gives Echo Park the glitched up trap/juke/hip-hop treatment, creating a fantastic blend of synth euphoria, hip-hop back beat and hench bass stabs. Methinks Mr Rockwell has been listening to a lot of EPROM lately, not that it’s a bad thing!

Lastly CMX (nee Commix) turns in a superbly weird rework of Away With Me, dropping the tempo way down and creating a break from distinctly unconventional samples. In the wake of the ludicrously smooth Calibre remix of this tune that dropped last year, it’s good to see other producers taking a totally different direction. Look out for the EP dropping July 22nd.

Congo Natty – UK Allstars (Machinedrum Remix) [Big Dada]

As Big Dada wind up for the release of Congo Natty’s new album Jungle Revolution on July 1st they’ve begun to release a few sneak previews of tracks from the album, the first of which was UK Allstars. Now it seems we’re getting treated to an excellent remix from Machinedrum, who refixes the track into an energetic juke/jungle hybrid packed full of syncopation and warm ragga vibes. Check out the remix (and the upfront original) below and look out for this remix dropping on the Jah Warriors single.

Rockwell – Detroit / Back Again [Shogun]

The inimitable Rockwell delivers yet another slice of top notch D&B for Shogun that is as innovative as it is infectious and absolutely pounding to boot. Blending influences from Techno and Ghettotech, the appropriately named Detroit brings a distinctly booty-bass vibe to D&B with a sub line that will knock your socks off. This is possibly the biggest tune of 2013 so far…expect rewinds on this one.

Back Again takes the bass down a notch and brings a glitchier, juke-ish vibe to the fray; think Fracture on meth in a foam party with DJ Funk and you’re somewhere in the ballpark. Watch out for these two dropping June 10th on Shogun Audio.

Stray – Ginseng Smash / Akina [Modulations]

The ever versatile Stray steps up for Critical sub-label Modulations to deliver a pair of cut-up jungle smashers! Ginseng Smash combines ’94 era jungle breaks with some heavy sub stabs and a vocal that is as weird as it is infectious, while Akina takes a few notes from Fracture’s book of production, cutting up the breaks and another odd vocal to create a seriously hyperactive juke-infused belter. Syncopation ADHD! Look out for these dropping on vinyl and Digital May 20th.

Fracture – Gangbusters [Metalheadz]

The mighty Metalheadz are lining up their next release in their METHXX series and this time it comes from Astrophonica head-honcho and superb leftfield beatmaker Fracture. Audio for the A side isn’t out yet but the label have given us a sneak peak at Gangbusters on the flip. Combining elements of Juke and Trap with classic drumfunk-esque breaks and trademark grimey Fracture low end, the tune hits a different rhythm to most of the other material out there just now. Clearly Fracture hasn’t run out of ways to innovate just yet! Look out for this one dropping April 8th.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0g3XCux64ww]

In The Mix…Om Unit & DK

Ever since his rather excellent release for Civil Music came out I’ve been keeping a close eye on Om Unit‘s 170BPM explorations, and his latest mix for the esteemed Solid Steel Radio sessions run by Ninja Tune delivers the goods nicely. Om Unit goes in deep for part 1 of the show with sublime cuts from himself, Fracture, Escher, ASC and Phaeleh; 170BPM vibes, but definitely not as you usually hear it. Half step and footwork influenced beats are the order of the day here.

For part 2 DK throws all kinds of different beats into the mix with tunes from Space Dimension Controller and Machinedrum sitting alongside tracks from Bonobo; a truly diverse selection. So if you’re looking for something a wee bit different, check out the mix below!